How to End the Annual U.S. Deficit and Government Misspending Immediately

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I’m sorry, but the above idea lacks foresight and insight and an understanding of basic points of reality.  Corrupt politicians CAN DO A LOT OF DAMAGE IN ONE TERM — and since they are an interconnected, coordinated criminal cadre, what does it matter if one cannot be re-elected?  Any other stooge will do, who can then undertake to bankrupt and destroy the nation in his full term... and the next and the next and the next. 

This can be compared to the results of Trump’s dishonesty and hypocrisy... before the election, he said Hillary belongs in jail and (if I remember correctly) that Obama’s birth certificate was in question and he should be tried and, if convicted, removed from office.  30 seconds after his election Trump said, “Bill and Hillary are good people” and said “Obama was born in the U.S. — PERIOD.  He should be allowed to finish out his term.” 

I ask this question to Donald Trump: If the CEO of one of your companies was a criminal, hired under false pretenses, lied on his application, invented his credentials, was robbing your company blind, and even trying to underake a coup d’etat to make it his company and the company of his family... would you simply let him finish out his contract until it came up for renegociation...?  NO!  OF COURSE NOT!  TOO MUCH DAMAGE can be done by a criminal EVEN IN ONE DAY (which, again, is epitomized in the FIRST TWENTY-FOUR HOURS of Biden’s Anti-Presidency.

No... I have the better idea, any time that there is a deficit THAT overage money overspent COMES OUT OF THE POLITICIAN’s BANK ACCOUNT... Politicians can only vote on bills that their individual bank account balances exceed... once any individual politician is broke and he cannot vote any longer  HE HAS NO PURPOSE AND NOT LAWFUL REASON to continue in office, thus he is removed from office and an election is held to fill his seat.  Any politician who votes on ANYTHING that is UNCONSTITUTIONAL is immediately arrested and tried for treason.  Policitians should be given a test on the Constitution (and not merely correct identification of articles and clauses, but questions of application —in the only interpretation that is Constitutional, based upon the Common Law and the intent of the Founders at the time that they drafted and passed the Constitution), and if they cannot pass, they cannot be elected and they only get to take the test once.  It is not “on the job training” and if they cared so little to properly study and know the Constitution, or if they are so stupid that they cannot learn it, they have no business being in office. 

This can also be compared to the INSANE and CRIMINAL, UNCONSTITUTIONAL, IMMORAL law passed in Los Angeles and other places, in which the police will not investigate or arrest anyone, and courts will not prosecute anyone for any theft under $800.  I don't know what kind of salary those crazy Californistas “earn” a week, but I am certain that anyone in the real world, this is a significant loss.  Now, compare it to the corrupt politicians not being able to be re-elected.  So what...?  Like teeth in a shark’s mouth, there is an endless supply of others just waiting to roll forward. 

Now, what are the particulars of this under $800 theft non-prosecution law...?  If someone robs a store of $799.99 that is not a crime, but if they take one penny more, that is a crime?  How long do they have to wait until they rob the store again? 1 minute, 5 minutes, an hour, a day, a week?  If they are part of a gang, have friends, family members, each of them, acting independently, could then rob the store in immediate succession... and then other entirely unrelated criminals (and their families, gangs, friends) could then do the same.  IN ONE DAY any business could be forced into bankruptcy. 

WHAT IMMORAL, MINDLESS, CORRUPT, GOD-HATING, AMERICAN HATING FOOLS thought this law up, and even got it passed.  The majority of these criminals are illegals, and the majority of the rest of them should be considered illegals, whether born on U.S. soil or not, whether “naturalized” and “granted citizenship or not”.  There is no statute of limitations on fraud.  Politicians have ZERO authority to change the U.S. Constitution, or pervert its interpretation to take our nation away from us and give it to aliens, even as they have ZERO authority to tax us and spend that money on aliens, here or abroad. 

If when my mother was pregnant with me, my dad and she forced themselves into Donald Trump’s Penthouse, and I was born in his living room, that would not automatically make me a Trump!  If a pig is born in the dairy barn that does not make it a cow.  FOOLS and TRAITORS have hijacked the helm of the ship of state of every single nation of Christendom.  They are 100% WITHOUT AUTHORITY.  EVERY SINGLE UNCONSTITUTIONAL ACT that they commit or UNCONSTITUTIONAL BILL that they pass is INVALID and ILLEGAL and IS NOT “the law”.  It matters NOT how many years, decades, or centuries have passed, that which is fraud cannot stand.  After only 12 generations each individual Adamite would have 8,190 ancestors back to Adam. After 24 generations any given Adamite would have 33,554,430 ancestors back to Adam.  It is only about 178 generations back to Adam.  This mindboggling, but the massive numbers are not my point.  Now, imagine if someone had a time machine and could go back in time (and assuming that there would be no parallel realities or universes, and that the time-space continuum would be altered by things done by a time-space traveller from the future who went back to the past).  No matter how many generations back you if someone “erased” EVEN ONE of your ancestors you would not exist.  So also it is with VALIDITY of things established by Law.  Morality was forever established each time that God declared, “Thou shalt not!” and “This shalt thou do!”  Morality NEVER changes.  English Common Law was based upon the Law of God and Christianity and the U.S. colonies adopted English Common Law, which became (excepting royalty and nobility and such) American Common Law.  The U.S. Constitution MUST be interpreted in light of the Common Law and in the spirit and intent of the Founders at the time that they wrote it.  It MATTERS NOT that the majority of people may not like that interpretation.  THAT IS THE LAW, and those who seek to pervert and / or overthrow it (which includes 100% of politicians and statesmen, on every level, federal state, county, city) are guilty of the attempted overthrow of the Government of the United States, and thus they are all guilty of sedition and High Treason, and they have made war with the United States by inviting in what constitutes many armies of hostile aliens and allowed them to murder, rape, assault, vandalize, and rob true Americans for over 100 years.  A pig does not become a cow even if it has lived in the dairy barn for 100 years.

The notion of overspending 3% is mindless.  Overspending by a penny is what would be LAWFUL.  Congress has ZERO authority to print paper that is not backed by gold or silver.  They have ZERO authority to print paper backed by the wealth of the U.S. Government and future GNP.  The politicians are not the Government and they do not own the United States.  Furthermore, the U.S. IS BANKCRUPT, the currency is nearly worthless, and it becomes even more worthless each time the corrupt politicians / so-called “Federal” Reserve (which has no reserves) counterfeits more paper and worthless coin.  As I have explained in other articles, if you took Eisenhower  $1 dollar coins and stacked then on top of each other in the amount of the national debt, it would constitute about 180 stacks TO THE MOON.  That much gold and silver does not exist on Earth.  The so-called “National Debt” (which is not the National debt, see my book The Liberty Document, in the last link below) is entirely contrived and it is a myth in terms of it being national.  The notion of letting them finish out their term is even more mindless.  It is amazing that Buffett was a billionaire.  Would he have allowed any of the employees in his companies to finish out their terms and overspend 2.9% beyond their budget?

2.9% may not sound like a lot, but when you are talking about several trillion dollars, that amount is massive; and it is not merely once, it is cumulative, year after year after decade for the past 110 years.  If you hired an accountant / bookkeeper, mathematician, chemist, engineer, builder, scientist, architect, pharmacist, surgeon, explosives expert, or airplane / helicopter pilot WOULD YOU BE CONTENT WITH 2.9% ERROR?


Furthermore, 95% of what the “government” (Federal, State, County, and City) spends money on is unconstitutional.  They have encroached HEAVILY into the private sector, and not only unconstitutionally regular (and tax and fine) it, but they actually COMPETE with it.  Furthermore, knowing no limit to waste or corrupt practices to secure their own job security, not only do all levels of “government” and departments within each level overtax and overspend — but THEY SPEND (waste) ALL MONEY given each year, even if they don’t need to, because if they don't spend it all their “superiors” will assume that they did not need it all, so they will be given LESS money next year.  This breeds dishonesty and waste; and when it is by public servants, that is CRIMINAL.

Stop the corrupt, defeatist, anti-intellectual B.S.  If you think a law has to be passed to require politicians to obey the Law / Constitution, you are mentally handicapped and don’t understand either the problem or the solution.  Move over to the slow lane, so as not to impede those who can think and who do understand; or better yet, pull off the road entirely, take an exit, and get some sleep in a Wal-Mart parking lot.




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