Just Say NO to Bugs...! STAND UP AND DO SOMETHING...!

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Those who do not speak up, speak out, resist, refuse to comply with alien, antichrist, perverse self-appointed, illegitimate totatitarianistic dictators,  those who do not do all that they can to awaken others — deserve whatever happens...!

The majority of “Christians” and “Patriots” won’t support those on the front lines, yet they will pay monthly subscriptions for cable, movies, newspapers, magazines—coffee of the month club, or whatever else.  They won’t share truth (such as links at this website, books that I write and reprint) that is crucial to our survival, to the survival of freedom, to the survival of our people, our faith—Christendom, but they will tell everyone in their circle of life about a great new coffee shop, tv program, movie, commercial, song, restaurant, amazing play by some savage in some sports game.  They sacrifice all to the gods of self, casually.  They would never think of eating at a restaurant and not paying for the food—and they leave the waitress a tip; but the thought never enters their mind that “the laborer is worthy of his hire” and God’s Command to tithe and support His ministers, especially those worthy of double honor due to their tireless dedication.  They graze for free in my pasture, and eat to their satisfation of the fodder that I have stored up; and like the 9 thankless lepers, of the 10 that Christ healed, are never seen or heard from again.  When such cry out to God—God will not hear!

“To him that knoweth to do good and doeth it not, to him it is sin.” (James 4:17)

I have said for over a decade:

Why should God deliver us from what we are willing to tolerate?

Why should God stand up for us when we do not stand up for Him?

When God's people get serious about repenting, God will get serious about delivering.

The majority of “Christians“ don’t even know what sin is, or what God requires—or care.

When God’s people turn their backs on Him, He promises to turn His Back on them.

“The curse causeless shall not come.”

You reap what you sow.

I wrote 30 years ago in my book, The War Between the Children of Light and the Powers of Darkness that the majority of God’s people think that they fart cotton candy.  They think that everyone else is the problem, and that God is “just so gosh darn lucky” to have them on His Side.

[* 506pp., pb. 25.00 + 6.00 P&H; Hb., 35.00 + 6.00 P&H.]

This is delusion sent from God.

True Repentance will demonstrate itself as in Christ’s Parable of the Prodigal (Luke 15), as in Isaiah 4:1, as in Nehemiah’s Prayer.*

[* — 2 of the Godliest Men in Scripture and What We Can Learn From Them - Who will Survive the Onslaught to Come...? — Here's HOW. ]

But the natural / unregenerate man hearing the Truth of God’s Word is like a fool beholding himself in a mirror (seeing all his imperfections, things that need to be addressed: booger in his nose, hair growing out of his nose, dirt on his forehead and cheeks, food on his chin, a pimple that needs attention, hair unkempt, unshaven, etc.—and IGNORES it all) and goes straight away, unashamed, unconcerned, out into public and forgets it all as utterly irrelevant...  Those who are dead have no response to the things of God; not repentance, obedience, appreciation, agreement, spreading of the truth, soul searching... nothing... spiritually flatlined...  

I wrote a decade ago, if 50 million christians stopped believing the incapacitating lie that “I am just one person, the little I can do would be nothing...” if 50 million christians stood up to do what is right things would change over night.

It only takes a couple hundred savages to riot and go ape and do what is wrong... in a nation that is NOT theirs... and planet Earth comes to a grinding halt and stops rotating on its axis and revolving around the sun until they are appeased.

It used to be an expression “monkey see monkey do”... an inferior primate can learn from humans and copy their behaviour (on their crude level)—but sadly, the majority of humans cannot watch apes act out doing what is wrong, and learn by their bad example how they can stand up and do what is right...!  Savages listen to hateful racist criminal “music” and wear hateful t-shirts and say hateful racist things—yet most “Christians” are afraid to even pray a silent imprecatory prayer. 

God commanded us to hate evil; instead, most ignore it, hold hands with it, adopt and marry it.  So God will continue to send more and more evil until His people either they learn to hate it or until it kills them.  Ye who love the Lord HATE evil.  That is a Command!  The fear of the Lord is to hate evil.  Those who don’t so do, don’t love or fear God.   You cannot hate evil if you don’t even know what it is—God forever established it and morality never changes. 


Anglo-Irish, Christian statesman Sir Edmund Burke expressed, “All that is required for evil to triumph over good is for good men to do nothing” ... —however, I interject: If men do nothing in the face of evil then they are not “good”; they are deluded and just as evil as the evil itself.  They are passive accomplices and shall be treated so by God on the Day of Judgment, as well as in this life.

Jesus said that those who deny Him before men, them will He deny before the Father; and those who confess Him, then he will confess before the Father.

Confessing Christ is not merely thinking fond private thoughts about him, or wearing a cross necklace (even hiding it under your shirt so as to not offend antichrists); it is not singing a hymn every now and then, or thinking of yourself as a “Christian”, or believing the mindless generic sterile “Gospel” motto, “Jesus loves you” (which most “Christians” are ashamed to even whisper; though they violate the Command of Christ, “give not that which is holy unto the dogs and cast not pearls before swine...” by supporting churches and ministries that violate Christ’s Command and in doing so are helping to destroy Christendom).

Confessing Christ is knowing His Doctrine—and believing what Christ believed; standing up for what Christ would have stood up for; rebuking what Christ would have rebuked.

Each time that “Christians” see evil in society and do not stand up and say something, they deny Christ.

You don’t need to ask the Devil permission to obey God...!



ye gods —what fools these mortals be!


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