More Corona-hysteria Farsiasco / Scamdemic Disinfo Exposed & CORONA GUN BILL (Updated)

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Qui Bono...?  Look no Further to explain the numbers of “corona victims”.  Chuck Baldwin in “Follow the Money” writes:

“In Florida, the State receives $132,000 for each reported case of corona. In Nebraska, Minnesota and Montana, the State receives over $300,000 for each reported case of corona. The difference in the amounts received is based on some weird government bureaucrat-created voodoo Medicare formula. The point is, hospitals are being financially rewarded for identifying people as contracting or dying from corona—whether they actually contracted the virus or not.”

[Every State, every hospital, every health care worker, and politician who engages in this commits fraud and is guilty of defrauding the government of the U.S. and is guilty of conspiracy and terrorism and needs to be arrested and tried and sentenced.]


This "stimulus" check is a $1,000 MOUSE TRAP.  People who cash it rather than mail it back are HOOKED and the gov't now OWNS you, that is, assuming it did not already own you... and now YOU have purchased an ADDITIONAL SHARE in the so-called U.S. National Debt and you have helped to cripple the U.S. as all prices are going to rise (and they will DOUBLE if the corrupt politicians counterfeit another $4 to 6 trillion like they want to)... this will cause the U.S. to fall into a full-blown communist police state and pave the way for a global society / cashless society in which all currency is revoked and recalled, which will be devalued.  If you had $100,000 you may have $30,000 or $10,000 of the "new currency" that will prob. be digital, and that money can be taken from with without recourse, unconstitutionally, any time they want... that is how taxes and fines will be levied.  Sorry... you broke some rule... your account has been debited.  You now have zero money in the bank and no cash on hand since cash was recalled.  Now they will take your house from you if you offend some other new "law".


Also, what have the politicians been doing during this quarantine?

H.R.5717 - Gun Violence Prevention and Community Safety Act of 2020

While CoVid-19 fill the news, what else is the House of Representatives doing?

House Bill - H.R. 5717 will add 30% tax on all guns and 50% tax on all ammo and require a FEDERAL

license to purchase either; and you will need a FEDERAL license to own or shoot guns YOU ALREADY OWN. 

and be unlawful to transfer a gun to anyone who is not licensed.

They are trying to push this through now.


ALSO... LET THIS SINK IN...! To understand Coronahoax and every other psy-ops false flag

Smith-Mundt Modernization Act of 2012


The SMA established that via the Broadcasting Board of Governors (BBG), Voice of America (VOA), and Radio Free Europe (RFE), the U.S. State Department and Office of Public Affairs were authorized to disseminate propaganda to foreign publics, but were strictly prohibited from releasing that same propaganda in America for public consumption. Put simply, our government was permitted to lie to people in other countries, but not to us here at home.


This prohibition was lifted in 2012, when the SMMA was signed into law by President Obama, allowing the same propaganda disseminated by our government to foreign publics, to now be released in the U.S. for the very first time.


And yes, our government is also now allowed to create propaganda tailored specifically for U.S. public consumption, using any media as it sees fit, while remaining anonymous as the source of the material being reported.

[CORRECTION.  NO.  They are NOT allowed... Just because everyone is doing it does not make it right.  Just because a bill is signed into law does NOT make it valid or legal.  ANY “law” that violates the Constitution in its spirit and intent at the time that it was written, in the spirit of the Common Law, within the framework of Bible morality (because the U.S. adopted the Common Law and Christianity is part of the Common Law) IS NULL AND VOID.  IT IS NO LAW.  NO ONE NEEDS TO OBEY IT.  NO POLICE or COURTS NEED TO ENFORCE IT.  IT IS SEDITION that these politicians are practicing.  NOTHING can arise (that is, no legal authority is conferred) by FRAUD.  See my book, The Liberty Document, 350pp., pb., 20.00 + P&H.]


This is an act of War

Corona virus was invented in the lab... by the U.S., the patent is owned by Bill Gates Foundation... it contains nanoparticles that can later be activated by 5G

Former CIA Robert David Steele reveals



 What in the world is actually going on? Document reveals plans, step by step.


The left says only 6,000 in the U.S. would have died rather than 60,000, had Trump issued quarantine sooner.

1. There is no evidence anyone has died from corona, though they may have died with it.  Many diagnoses, death certificates, etc. have been falsified (which is a CRIME) because more $ is earned if they died with corona.  The tests (some of which were tainted already with corona, to them assure more $ when the test was positive) amplified corona to be able to detect it, but there is no way of knowing if the amount / ppm or ppb. was pathological—most may have merely been "trace"; everyone may test positive in a swab for GOLD, if they amplify the test trace amount large enough—but that does not make anyone a BILLIONAIRE!

2. There is no evidence fewer people would have died had he issued shutdown sooner; there is no evidence more people would have died had he not issued shutdown at all!

3. there is no evidence that they would not have died from the regular flu, had they not caught corona (if they actually did) first

4. if people are too stupid to take precautions for their own health they deserve to die...!!   Let them embrace their god of Big Bango and Evolvitron and glory in the basic tenet of their religion—natural selection / survival of the fittest.

5. No politician local, state, or federal as the Constitutional authority to order anything that has been ordered in this farsiasco.

6. If people want to stay home and go bankrupt, lose their job, wear a mask, decontaminate each time they pass within 100 yards of someone, wear rubber gloves or an astronaut suit... that is their RIGHT... and it is the right everyone else NOT TO.

Since the liberals simply pick the opposite of what Trump chooses as his position, maybe Trump should try reverse psychology and say,

“I think we should have an immediate communist coup and become a nonChristian, multicultural nation that violates the U.S. Constitution.”

—that's already what we have... but maybe the stupid leftists / dems (which includes most reps and libertarians which merely go by another label) will knee jerk react and before they have time to think (which itself is a large assumption)... they may demand, "NO.  WE MUST HAVE A CHRISTIAN, CAUCASIAN, CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC!!!



Liberalism, Like the Wuhan Virus, Will Never Die

Posted on Apr 16, 2020 08:12 am

by Ann Coulter
The media are outraged that President Trump is talking about re-opening the country, following their previous position that he sure was taking his sweet time at opening up the country. Fortunately, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s death forecasts from the Wuhan coronavirus have shrunk from 1.7 million Americans in mid-March; to 100,000 to […]

Lenin taught us how, simply rewrite history.

The dems must either admit that the original estimate of 240,000 deaths in the US was false or admit that Trump has saved thousands of lives.
They chose to fake the data.


received from someone else, I have not had time to view it:

Corbett reported on the mass protests that are going on all over, which is hidden from the public, and if somehow reported, it’s given in a bad light as you’ll understand. In the end, he reveals the hidden agenda that’s being rolled out. Forced vaccination, digital “money” and covid-19 immunity passport is the agenda and drone surveillance used to enforce. Plus, if you’ve seen any of Richie from Boston’s messages, he reports with good contacts that there’s a lot of military hardware rolling around all over the US and some of it shown to be hidden at rock quarries. Like armored vehicles, troop carriers and tanks with rubber covered tracks. As Richie says, they can’t roll this out twice and that they are in it for ALL the marbles. By all appearances, the real deal is on. So, the later shows that they intend to bring protesters in line.


Dr. Vladimir Zelenko’s online posting that the use of the President’s medicine HYDROXY-CHLOROQUINE plus
ZINC SULFATE and the ANTIBIOTIC, AZITHROMYCIN remedied 100% of hundreds of cases of COVID-19 coronavirus infections occurring in a village of Hasidic orthodox Jews in New York.



scroll through and at least familiarize yourself with the headlines/topics... there are a few longer reports in the middle... but at least scroll to the very end of this email to see all the subjects and links.

Also, the Russians and Chinese are saying the US is lying about Corona, and the US is saying the Russians and Chinese are lying about corona... the truth is... they are all lying, they are all corrupt... and all we can know is that the gov't "official position" on any topic (WHICHEVER gov't) is a lie.

and as predictable due to government counterfeiting... gold now seams to be soaring... nearly $1750/ounce this morning... as I said... all prices are going to double if this $2.2 trillion is only the first of several batches of counterfeiting that they plan on perpetrating.


These subtitles are too small and poor quality to read... and no written commentary below the video, and no oral commentary, the video is the same, one only needs view the first minute after it actually starts... here we are in Central Park, NY, the corona epidemic... and looks like the office of the Maytag Repairman... where's the epidemic... all politicians need to be rounded up and tried for their crimes, the people need to demand that this not only end, but that those who crippled the nation face the ultimate punishment

Watch "Central Park Hospital Fraud April 8, 2020_ No Copyrights." on YouTube



Of course, they lie and say 5-G is harmless, but don't tell you several nations and US cities have outlawed it, nor given the actual facts... also, they refer to the vandalism of these towers as "violence"... ODD, they don't refer to the desecration and destruction of US / UK / Swedish / German / Dutch / etc. monuments as "violence".  WHY is that?   
It started in the UK and has spread to the Netherlands.
Cell phone users of the world arise!


Bill Gates is a worse danger to health and freedom than Covid-19

by Editor, cairnsnews


The first model estimated 240,000 deaths in the US from the chinese coronavirus. This was revised downward to 60,000 deaths last week. The "reason" for the revision was supposedly that distancing was working, but that can't be correct because distancing was already factored into the original model. 

The MSM is comparing it to Pearl Harbor or 9/11 which seems totally inappropriate. The disease is an airborne virus like the flu so we should compare it to the death toll in the US from the flu. What was that last year?
It was 80,000! Now 80,000 is rather larger than 60,000 so why all the panic? Apparently dissing Trump was not selling enough  newspapers or TV News ads so the MSM had to invent a crisis. The democrat party jumped onto it as a way to bring down the economy as a means to reduce Trump's chances for reelection and implement some of their socialist measures to give away more taxpayer money and admit more unhealthy impoverished immigrants to steal welfare funds.


Lies, damn lies and statistics

by Editor, cairnsnews


Jon Rappoport

Passport to the Brave New World: the vaccine


COVID: The squeeze play on the population


My conversation with State Senator and doctor who exposes Medicare payouts for COVID-19 patients


The graphic below is a keeper!  

It was posted on a private Coast Guard Academy Alumni website reserved for free political expression. 
The Graphic updates daily. 
It does move fast so you will want to watch it twice. You can pause it by clicking on the pause button in the lower left hand corner.  
The graphic is produced by the BBC using data from Johns Hopkins. I would suggest watching it twice. (It is short)
First time, just watch. Absorb the information as best you can.


China's Duplicitous Coronavirus Tactics Could Turn Britain Against Its 5G Technology


 “Restricted” Travel to Mexico—Thousands Cross Border for Tacos, Haircuts, Groceries, Family Visits

The U.S. government has ordered Americans to avoid international travel due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the State Department has specifically “restricted” transit between the U.S. and Mexico, yet southern border crossings are hotbeds of traffic that are jeopardizing the health of federal agents charged with screening the influx.



Nancy Pelosi Tried to Overturn Voter I.D. Laws in THIRTY-FIVE Different States in #Coronavirus Bill



Judicial Watch Sues to Force North Carolina to Clean Its Voter Rolls

Judicial Watch’s lawsuit argues that North Carolina, Mecklenburg County, and Guilford County failed to make reasonable efforts to remove ineligible voters from their registration rolls as required by the federal National Voter Registration Act of 1993 (NVRA). The lawsuit also claims that these jurisdictions violated the NVRA by failing to make available to Judicial Watch public records concerning efforts to comply with the law.


someone from Virginia emailed:

Virginia Governor doing away with Voter ID.  YEAH,,!,,Anybody come vote,. Just show us your  Electric Bill or DMV  Receipt., Man on Facebook said his friend had appointment to see Governor , but was denied admittance to Capital Building because he had no Picture Id..,America is going Stupid.


The Numbers Don’t Add Up

I guess what I’m saying is that there is a high probability we may not be getting the truth about what is actually taking place. The numbers don’t add up people. The news reports are often not true. Can I be the only one who does not believe the official story? I pray that I am not..........
by Dennis Kelly.


Lockdown Lunacy: “Experts” Promote Panic and Pandemonium

Today the fear of contagion gives government cover for its assaults on freedom and poses a question the government does not want to answer: If liberty can be taken away in times of crisis, then is it really liberty; or is it just a license, via a temporary government permission slip, subject to the whims of politicians in power.........

by Kelleigh Nelson.


Dr. Fauci and Dr.Birx Have a Record of Medical Failure

The Washington Post has been a joke for a long time, at least since the days when it won a Pulitzer Prize in 1981 for a story about a child heroin addict who turned out not to exist. The paper is now filled, on a daily basis, with poison pen “analysis,” backed by phony “fact-checkers,” criticizing almost anything President Trump says or does.........

by Cliff Kincaid.


This may be the same video I already passed around / posted, but with dial up it takes too long for me to check, takes 20 min. before a vid. even registers.  Not sure if the links below are all the same or different.

MIT PhD Crushes Dr. Fauci Exposes Birx, Clintons, Bill Gates, And The W.H.O - ESSENTIAL TO WATCH - [15 minutes]

MOST important 16 minute video you will watch this year. IT'S THE IMMUNE SYSTEM!!


Former Rep. (and MEDICAL DOCTOR) Ron Paul Calls On Trump To Fire Dr. Fauci, Here’s Why!!!!!

Former Rep. Ron Paul Calls On Trump To Fire Dr. Fauci, Here’s Why


Mandatory vaccines and cashless society on the way while Passover continues

by Editor, cairnsnews



Milk dumped in fields and cattle prices plunging even as steaks stay expensive: the coronavirus pandemic is hitting American farmers hard.
"Shuttered schools, universities, restaurants, bars and cafeterias are no longer buying milk, meat, fruits, vegetables and other food, causing a downward spiral in crop and livestock prices," the American Farm Bureau said.
The beef industry is struggling with a paradox: prices for live cattle listed in Chicago have fallen by about 30 percent since mid-January, but steak prices have increased in stores.


Thermal camera manufacturers have seen a major increase in orders from corporations eager to screen their employees for possible COVID-19 symptoms.  

Thermal camera companies such as U.S.-based FLIR Systems Inc, UK-based Thermoteknix Systems Ltd and Israel's Opgal Optronic Industries Ltd say the surge in interest has caused a sales spike - in some cases, selling as many units in a few weeks as they had in more than five years.

Ka-CHING! $$$ + CONTROL (a politician's dream!)


China has had COVID-19 (Coronavirus) in its Wuhan lab for SEVEN YEARS - Geller Report News



Two articles showing where we are headed:


#1  CDC warns the only way the US can return to normal is through 'aggressive' contact tracing

- but it will require an 'army of healthcare workers'


CDC Director Robert Redfield said the health agency is working on a plan for the nation to come out the other side of the pandemic and scale back social distancing measures once the outbreak has been brought under control.

This plan involves 'very aggressive' contact tracing, finding people who have tested positive for coronavirus and tracking down everyone they have come into contact with and possibly infected until an entire chain of transmission is traced and eliminated. 

It will also require the nation to ramp up testing for the virus, Redfield said.

'It is going to be very aggressive - what I call block and tackle, block and tackle,' Redfield told NPR Thursday of the focus on contact tracing.


The CDC has already deployed a SWOT team of around 600 workers across the nation to help states prepare for this shift. 


The Kaiser Family Foundation recently warned that 'only the federal government could truly bring order and achieve a national, coordinated effort on the scale (and expense) necessary' to roll out contact tracing on the scale needed.   


Redfield admitted that the federal government will need to draft in support for state and local public health departments. 

He said the plan was 'far along' but did not divulge details of how the CDC will solve the issue. 

'We're definitely in the middle of all of that,' he said.

'Obviously if we're going to try to get the nation back to work shortly after the end of this month we're far along on this planning process.' 

He did not rule out the use of technology such as cellphone data to trace patients' contacts, NPR reported. 

'People are looking at all the different modern technology that could be brought to bear to make contact tracing more efficient and effective,' he said. 

'Are there more tech-savvy ways to be more comprehensive in contact tracing? Currently these things are under aggressive evaluation.' 

South Korea - which has been praised for slowing the virus' spread quickly - has been using technology such as surveillance cameras, cellphone data and credit card transactions of suspected cases to help contact tracing.

However such methods may spark concerns around personal privacy in the US.  

As well as contact tracing, Redfield reinforced the view that testing also needs to be ramped up 'to make sure that when we open up, we open up for good,' Redfield said.


 #2 Your PHONE will warn you if you have been close to someone who has coronavirus thanks to

new contact tracing tech being developed by Google and Apple


Apple and Google are joining forces in a bid to develop technology where smartphones can warn users that they may potentially be exposed to coronavirus. 

The rival companies are opening up their mobile operating systems so both iPhone and Android devices can run contact tracing apps.

These work by using a mobile's Bluetooth signals to track every other phone its user has come into close contact with.


The implementation has raised concerns over potential beaches of privacy, though the tech giants insist that the data will be anonymous and that 'privacy, transparency and consent are of utmost importance'.


If a person using the app then tests positive for Covid-19, they can then upload their movements to a public database.

Other users will then be able to anonymously check their own logs against others to see if they've potentially been exposed to a carrier of the virus. 

If there's a match, the person will receive a message indicating when and where they might have been exposed, along with guidance as to whether they should just watch for symptoms, seek testing, or self-quarantine.


Contact tracing apps have been used in several other countries outside the US and Europe in an effort to contain the pandemic, including in Singapore and South Korea.

The Czech Republic has announced it will release its own contact tracing app, and the UK, as well as France, Germany, and Italy are all planning to develop similar technology. 

Under the plans, the phone records the date, time, distance, and duration of contact between the two devices, but unlike the Find My App feature, it doesn't use GPS data to ensure the logs remain anonymous.

The app will also periodically create new ID codes for each device to make it hard to trace any interaction back to any specific individual. 

'Privacy, transparency, and consent are of utmost importance in this effort, and we look forward to building this functionality in consultation with interested stakeholders,' the companies said in a joint statement.


'We will openly publish information about our work for others to analyse.' 



Chinese Eugenics & Racism
Percent of blacks in China: 0.7%
Percent of blacks in US: 13%
(Per WIKI for 2019)

concerning my previous email about my local grocery store, someone in Georgia replied

It will get worse.  Heard that Flowers Bakery is closing some of its bakeries as well as Smithfield meats closing down.  Prepare.


I must have heard the word "safe" in town 20 times... several times from the ceiling speakers at the grocery store... it is the new brainwashing mantra.


also, while at the post office a woman came in who works for a real estate company, I am guess in north carolina.  She is still allowed to travel, as she has been deemed, "ESSENTIAL".  REALLY.  explain that.  Maybe because desparate people or those facing bankruptcy will sell off property below market value, the vultures want to be able to scoop it up?  GOVERNMENT is nonessential... it is only essential for themselves and those on welfare or others on the take.
Also, do you think maybe they have shut down certain key states' borders (NY, OH, NC, VA) to prevent a march on Washington DC to deal with the traitors...?

Any law that violates the constitution and all Executive orders are unconstitutional and VOID, INVALID, NONEXISTENT... and NO ONE needs to "obey" them... as I explain with documentation in my book Liberty Document.  They only have power if you cave in to them.


Constitution suspended... power of the president suspended...?

This is the only video showing this info that I have seen. It show the usher into the NWO. Since Trump has issued a national emergency.



Whatever your political views...........this has got to be disturbing............

Just the guy you want to negotiate with China, Russia, Iran, North Korea. 

Even with teleprompters, this man is cognitively impaired!



And here the infiltration is subtle... I don't need a puerto rican / mexican telling me about the Constitution, Freedom, or what the Bible says, nor a Mormon (if that is what Bundy is; and what he says below is limp overall; God commanded separation; the integration itself, and having an alien over you, violates what He commanded... so it is the subtle "second string" picking up the stragglers the first pass missed...  freedom is only possible with our people and with our obeying God, which includes separation and shunning everything that He forbade... if we are in sin and turn our ear from His Law, even our prayers are an abomination.)  Bundy's comments are impotent, generic nonsense.  If what he said was stated more precisely, it may be true; if it is standard amalgamationist apostate Christianity, and if he thinks all aliens flooding into our nation have rights, and alien religions have rights, and perverts have rights, then he is just as bad as the rest and anything the attempt will fail.

Easter Service Held in Idaho Despite the Governor's "Stay Home" Order


I have not watched these, may not be able to with dial up... these other formats that are not youtube often won't load at all.
Not too brighteon... they know 5G is deadly... yet they program these sites that only allow HIGH SPEED ACCESS and not dial up... not too bright... they should program DOWN to a lower level so that 4G and 5G are not needed... doesn't anyone have a brain?  They offer an alternative that is no different, and from what I hear, they discriminate and censor too!  again, seems like brighteon is just the second wave, to gleen those the first wave missed... just like so-called anticommunist and so called anti-semite organizations were often founded and run by the communists and jews themselves; even as the govt founds so-called patriotic groups... to monitor them, lead down dead ends, make sure they do nothing... or cause a philosophical shift... or even lead unstable people into criminal activity to then be able to pass more totalitarian laws against freedom because of the "danger".

With the radical DEMOCRAT LEFT (aka "COMMUNISTS") IT'S ALWAYS ABOUT WINNING "THE STRUGGLE" by whatever means necessary!
Lenin articulated their "PRIME DIRECTIVE" a century ago:
"First we will take Eastern Europe, then the masses of Asia. We will encircle the last bastion of capitalism, the United States of America. We will not need to fight.

It will fall as a ripe fruit into our hands."


[also, one could research the numbers and see how many Chinese (and other Asians/Orientals)
are in the U.S. and Christendom and how many white Christians are in those Asian / Oriental nations.]



I've stocked this book for years.


Sodium Bicarbonate: Nature’s Unique First Aid Remedy (Using the Healing Power of Baking Soda), by Dr. Mark Sircus,
199pp., pb., 17.00 + P&H


Viruses are pH Sensitive


Treatment Recommendations For New Virus That Is Shutting Down Entire Cities

Cornonavirus Killing Even Healthy People?

Cancer also needs an acidic environment.  See Italian doctor Tulio Simoncini's site

while vit. c and citrus fruit are acidic outside the body, they are low alkaline forming inside the body.
Again, see Andrew Saul's superb audio on vit. c. and niacin.*  He got over viral pneumonia with vit. c.  Also, if you can find a competent doctor for I.V. vit. c.  that is even better.
This is an email someone sent... I don't know if the data in it is true or not:

I thought this was interesting and somewhat of a "coincidence"??



Wuhan to Shanghai = 839 km
Wuhan to Beijing = 1,152 km
Wuhan to Milan = 8,684 km
Wuhan to NY = 12,033 km

The Coronavirus started in Wuhan yet there is no effect of Coronavirus in nearby Beijing or Shanghai but many deaths in Italy, Iran, European countries and USA.

All business areas of China are now safe.

*Something is fishy.*

America is not just blaming China without a reason.

Even today, India is locked down but all the cities of China are open. China has also announced the opening of Wuhan from April 08. Not a single leader in China has tested positive for the deadly Coronavirus.

*Something is fishy.*

The virus has ruined many economies around the world. Many have had to close their borders in an attempt to contain and control the spread of the Coronavirus. Thousands have lost their lives, millions have now got this disease, countless people have been locked in their homes and many countries have placed their citizens on lock down.

*Something is fishy.*

The Coronavirus orginated from the city of Wuhan in China and has now reached every corner of the world, but the virus did not reach China's capital Beijing and China's Economic Capital Shanghai, located in close proximity to Wuhan itself

*Something is fishy*

Today Paris is closed, New York is closed, Berlin is closed, Delhi is closed, Mumbai is closed, Tokyo is closed, the world's major economic and political centers are closed, but Beijing and Shanghai are open. No Coronavirus effect is seen in either cities. There were only a few cases but the virus had no real effect on Beijing and Shanghai.

*Something is fishy.*

Beijing is the city where all the leaders of China live, including their military leaders. There is no lock down in Beijing.

*Something is fishy*

Shanghai is the city that runs China's economy. It is the economic capital of China, where all the rich people of China live and run major industries. There is no lock down here, there is no effect of the Coronavirus there.

*Something is fishy*

Beijing and Shanghai are the areas adjoining Wuhan. The virus from Wuhan reached every corner of the world, but the virus did not affect Beijing and Shanghai.

*Something is fishy*

Another big thing is, that the worldwide share market has fallen by almost half. In India also the Nifty has gone from 12 thousand to 7 thousand, but the share market of China was at 3000 and just merely dropped to 2700.

*Something is fishy*

This leaves one to speculate that the Coronavirus is a bio-chemical weapon of China, which China used to carry out destruction in the world in order to gain economic supremacy.

China has now put this virus under control, maybe they also have the antidote/ vaccine that they are not sharing with the world ever or will do when it is in their best interest to do so.

*Something is fishy*

Hollywood stars, Australia's Home Minister, Britain's Prime Minister and Health Minister, Spain's Prime Minister's wife, Canada's Prime Minister's wife, and Britain's Prince Charles, among others, have contracted the Coronavirus, but NOT A SINGLE POLITICAL LEADER IN CHINA, NOT A SINGLE MILITARY COMMANDER in China have tested positive for Coronavirus.




but I believe other reports say the US gave the virus to china years ago... they are ALL guilty... they have no right to be playing MAD SCIENTIST...!


Someone emailed the below:


When will people wake the hell up and realize 'we' are the ones that they fear; that is the reason for all of the propaganda and fear porn.


A week ago, we drove all the way from northern Virginia to the southern tip of Florida. Not one sign of any of the BS being hyped. Even at the Florida border, the cops and their cars were more like props for a movie than anything else! The three people sitting on folding chairs at the 'stop sign', under a cheap pop up tent, were bored stiff, and only asked for what State you were coming from. No one stopped their car! We yelled out as we drove past them. And, the truckers went straight through, not even slowing down! Wake the hell up and get off your ass and live your life as a Freeman and not a slave to your fears and their intimidations!


I am ashamed to be associated for what is called 'mankind' today. It should be that we are called 'wimps' or 'pussies'. There are no real men left! I guess the feminists and Bolsheviks have won.


Americans are famous for quoting the Founding Fathers and how they 'love their liberty' and will fight to protect it, when most have no idea what the word actually means! And, there is no fight in them, none! Their brains (and balls) ceased to function decades ago!


They are slaves to their idols (gov. bureaucrats, money, sex, power, flattery, drugs, toys, entertainment, doctors, lawyers, celebrities, etc.). They don't have an ounce of integrity in their bodies!


Read and weep as you look at what real people have said to warn you:


"Our Leaders Are Psychopaths." - Episode 90 of "The Corbett Report" (YouTube)


"In such a fearful world we need a fearless church." — TS Lewis

“What manner of men had lived in those days...who had so eagerly surrendered their sovereignty for a lie and a delusion? Why had they been so anxious to believe that the government could solve problems for them which had been pridefully solved, many times over, by their fathers? Had their characters become so weak and debased, so craven and emasculated, that offers of government dole had become more important than their liberty and their humanity? Had they not know that power delegated to the government becomes the club of tyrants? They must have known. They had their own history to remember, and the history of five thousand years. Yet, they had willingly and knowingly, with all this knowledge, declared themselves unfit to manage their own affairs and had placed their lives, which belonged to God only, in the hands of sinister men who had long plotted to enslave them, by wars, by "directives," by "emergencies." In the name of the American people, the American people had been made captive.” ~Taylor Caldwell, The Devil's Advocate

“Mankind adores its betrayers, and murders its saviors.” ~Taylor Caldwell, Captains and the Kings

Bernard's Law: "When the people own the money they control the government. When the government owns the money, it controls the people."

“Government is a disease masquerading as its own cure.” - Robert LeFevre

"Political power grows out of the barrel of a gun." - Mao Zedong (Communist)

"All tyranny needs to gain a foothold is for people of good conscience to remain silent." - Thomas Jefferson

The first law passed after the Communists seized power in Russia made anti-semitism a crime punishable by death. (Izvestia, July 27, 1918)


"It is also in the interests of a tyrant to keep his people poor, so that they may not be able to afford the cost of protecting themselves by arms and be so occupied with their daily tasks that they have no time for rebellion." - Aristotle