What is Income...? and Politicians / Judges responsible for the debt and carnage caused Americans by Third World Immigration (Invasion)

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The information in this article is almost entirely invalid.  It merely exposes the corrupt government misinterpreting its own corrupt pseudo-law.  When you play a game that someone else claims to own, who can change the rules at any time (like selling on Amazon, or like corrupt, renegade, treasonous politicians who delusionally think that THEY are the “Law” and that THEY are the “government” — which they are NOT), then you are a fool.  The solution is NOT to play the game and realize that IT IS YOUR RIGHT not to play the game (unless, of course, you have been fooled into indebting yourself by avariciously taking benefits and taxpayer money to which you had no right; even then, that is fraud and you don't have to play by their rules — but YOU are still responsible for YOUR PART in the FRAUD, and have to pay back the stolen goods that you received, or you are still bound by their rules).  Even as Donald Trump, when questioned about his multiple filings for bankruptcy, declared that he “plays by the rules” — that means NOTHING if the rules themselves are corrupt...!  The sheep are under no obligation to recognize “the WOLVES’ rules” concerning how the wolves think that the sheepfold should be governed.  Remember: You don’t have to ask the Devil permission to obey God...!



Correction: in 1913 the Income Tax was not made legal.

An unconstitutional law that is passed is void ab initio and is no law; it is not legal.  It exists under color of law — that is, like a mirage that fools people into thinking that it is real.

It has the color of law and maybe the proper channels of legislation were followed to pass it as if it were a law, but a law that is unconstitutional is not legal; and those who pass it are engaged in ignorance at best and fraud and treason at worst.

Furthermore, the only purpose of taxes is to provide TO THOSE VERY TAXPAYERS AND TO NO ONE ELSE services that they need but cannot provide for themselves; which things are very few: national defense, the nation's infrastructure.  Any other taxation is unconstitutional and communism: the redistribution of wealth, which is theft on a grand scale.  The U.S. Constitution OUTLAWS democracy and socialism / communism / monarchy / oligarchy / dictatorship.  Using that tax money to impoverish, weaken, destroy, and replace the true people themselves, is an act of war.  When politicians do such, they exceed their official authority, step out of it, and perpetrate an individual, not an official act.  Of course, this is never recognized, and the taxpayers end up paying for all of the crimes committed by politicians, including sexual harassment and sexual assault of their office workers, etc.  Since rape and assault are not part of the job description for which the politicians were hired, when they do so, they do not commit an official act, but an individual act; and they personally and alone are to be held responsible, criminally and civilly (there should not be "slush funds" to pay for the politicians' crimes, and there should not be lawsuits in which the government is sued to pay for the crimes committed by / damages caused by the politicians).  No action or obligation can arise out of fraud.  As supreme example, the National Debt is not "national" — it is the personal debt of every politician (and his family members who were enriched by the crimes of their family member; such as a Senator who is able to send his children to ivy league schools and live in wealthy neighborhoods because of their self-enrichment by reason of their political office) who illegally voted, unconstitutionally, for any unconstitutional distribution of taxpayer money to anyone but to those same taxpayers themselves,* for services they need but cannot provide for themselves; and it is the the personal debt of all individuals / corporations / foreign nations / special interest groups, who were accomplices / on the receiving end of those stolen goods.

[* and the government is not a "franchise" in which all the other stores that turn a profit pay to subsidize the losses of the stores that are losing money.  The tax money of people in wealthy neighborhoods cannot constitutionally be taken and spent in poor neighborhoods.  It is not the job of government to redistribute wealth and make poor people wealthier.  They have no authority to do so.  People better themselves by their own hard work, industry, dedication, and self-sacrifice.  Even emergency relief from natural disasters is not the lawful purview of the government.  Those things are the jurisdiction of charities; and people who want to donate toward such causes, if they feel they are warranted, is their personal decision to donate; it is illegal / unconstitutional for his taxes to be raised and his tax money spent on others.  If you are a dues paying member of Costco, it would not be legal for Costco to take the money from your dues, and give benefits to those who have memberships with Sam's Club; or to those with no membership in anything.]


Our Founding Fathers knew what taxes were.  One main reason for breaking from England was unjust taxation.  Had the Founders believed income tax (or any other excessive tax) was necessary, they would have created one from the start.  The only valid interpretation of the U.S. Constitution is in the spirit of the Common Law and in the spirit of what the Founders intended at the time that they drafted the Constitution; and Christianity is part of the Common Law (and Christianity by its very nature, by God's COMMAND EXCLUDES all other religions; regardless of what the Apostate Church and the majority of sinful, ignorant "Christians" think and practice); that is, the Common Law is founded upon Christianity and the Law of God (what part of "no other gods" don't “Christians” understand...?).

“It is inconsistent with the spirit of our laws and constitution to force tender consciences.” (Jefferson)

“We may very safely assert these two things in general without undermining government: One is, that no civil rulers are to be obeyed when they enjoin things that are inconsistent with the commands of God. All such disobedience is lawful and glorious.  All commands running counter to the declared will of the Supreme Legislator of heaven and earth are null and void, and therefore disobedience to them is a duty, not a crime.” (John Wingate Thornton)

“It being very certain that the doctrine of the gospel is neither contrary to reason nor the law of nations, that man is truly subject to the higher powers who obey the laws and the magistrates so far as they govern according to law. So that St. Paul does not only command the people, but princes themselves, to be in subjection; who are not above the laws, but bound by them... but whatever power enables a man, or whatsoever magistrate takes upon him[self], to act contrary to what St. Paul makes the duty of those that are in authority, neither is that power nor that magistrate ordained of God. And consequently to such a magistrate no subjection is commanded, nor is any due, nor are the people forbidden to resist such authority; for in so doing they do not resist the power nor the magistracy, as they are here [in Romans 13] excellently well described, but they resist a robber, a tyrant, an enemy.” (John Milton)

“From the day of the Declaration [of Independence] they [Americans] were bound by the laws of God, which they all...acknowledged as the rules of their conduct...and the laws
of Jesus Christ, which they nearly all acknowledged as the rules of their conduct.” (John Quincy Adams) [Though not a Founder, he descended from a Founder, and better knew what the Constitution meant than fools and traitors and subverters today, who abuse, undermine, and contradict it with every breath.]

“All human laws which contradict His Laws [Bible], we are bound by conscience to disobey.” George Mason (1725-92; American statesman who held great influence; author of the Declaration of Rights while serving as a member of the Constitutional Convention in 1776; member of the Federal Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia in 1787 and took an active part in drafting the United States Constitution).

 “...to compel a man to furnish contributions of money for the propagation of opinions [purposes or ideas] which he disbelieves and abhors, is sinful and tyrannical.” (Jefferson)

“There is no worse tyranny than to force a man to pay for what he does not want merely because you think it would be good for him.” (Robert A. Heinlein)

The Bill of Rights in our Constitution protects us from unlawful search and seizure, and to be secure in our persons, houses, papers, and effects.

No individual law can contradict another; the free exercise of a constitutional right cannot be converted into a crime.  A man owns his body and therefore a man owns the produce of his body, his work... and since slavery was abolished, no one can claim he owns you, your labor, or what you produce.  A man's home is his castle and not even the king can assail it.  A man's property cannot be taken from him without first being heard in his own defense.  Judges are not the final arbiters of the law, nor politicians who pass unconstitutional laws under the color of law; the Constitution is the law, in the spirit of the Founders' intentions in the spirit of and in harmony with the Common Law.  Any law that contradict this is no law, is void ab initio, and no one is bound to obey it and no police or court is bound to enforce it.  "I was just following orders" is no excuse for violating the rights of individuals; and the people are not responsible for the unconstitutional ex officio acts of its renegade, corrupt, treasonous, subversive public servants.

English tort liability case, Fletcher v. Rylands [L.R. 3 H. L. 330 (1868)]: One is liable at his peril for the natural and probable consequences of the escape of any potentially dangerous thing which he has brought upon his land.

Chancellor James Kent in his Commentaries on American Law wrote, “Even as series of decisions are not always evidence of what the law is” (Vol. 1, p.477). [first published in 1826, 1794 from his lectures at Columbia Law School; considered the single-most important work of its kind; the 12th edition was edited by Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr.; and a 15th edition was edited by Jon Roland, published 1997-2002.]

The Law is still the Law even if no one obeys it [consider Natural Law, i.e., the law of gravity (whether you believe it or not or call it by a different name); and as Anatole France expressed, “If fifty million people say a foolish thing it is still a foolish thing”.  This perfectly summarizes modern politics, modern society, and modern education.  No Bill of Attainder or ex post facto Law shall be passed.  Congress cannot pass a law that is retroactive back in time because they do not have a time machine.  They must function in reality, unless you enter their unconstitutional delusional fantasy with them and recognize their illegitimacy as actual authority.  Copy right laws in 1964 to declare copyright-expired works to be "copyright protected" are INVALID laws; even as they cannot dig up a corpse in the graveyard and bring it back to life.

Congress has NO authority to change (that is, subvert) the U.S. Constitution — and by doing so (in their spurious interpretations and passing of a plethora of bills under the color of law, which contradict and violate the spirit and intent of the Constitution) they commit High Treason and are guilty of the attempted overthrow of the Government of the United States (the true people of the the U.S., and the Constitution which preserves their God-given, inalienable rights) and violate the Oath they took to preserve and uphold it, and thus, their illegal acts and secret plans constitute the most-blatant of fraud and invalidates the very legitimacy of their office and all of their acts, all bills that they think that they have signed into law are null and void and no law at all.  They step out of their authority when they violate their oath of office and violate and undermine the Constitution.

Thus, every single politician who has voted to give taxpayer money to aliens / alien nations abroad, and aliens within our nation -- even putting them on a taxpayer-funded breeding program (some back men sire a dozen illegitimate children, and a few up to 26, all of which taxpayers pay for... generation after generation at exponential numbers)... every single politician is guilty and responsible and accomplices in all the theft, destruction of property, stealing of entire neighborhoods, theft of elections, assault, rape, and murder committed by all the third world peoples they have illegally welcomed (or ignored) into the U.S. and then paying for all their needs; paying for things that Americans don't get for free; but have to pay through extorted taxes, upon pain of confiscation of property and imprisonment.  It is unconscionable and it is like forcing a person to pay for the noose with which he will eventually be hung.  The blood of every single American raped and killed in the U.S. by third worlders (and the endless mongrel crosses) is on the hands of the politicians as full-fledged accomplices.

However, there is NO statue of limitations on FRAUD or TREASON.  Every single act committed by politicians is null and void... even if considered "standard operating procedure", even if everyone believes it to be "the Law", which it is not.  No third world person is an American, not even if 10 generations have been born in the U.S.  Politicians had no Constitutional authority to make aliens "citizens" (and participate in the plan to displace us with aliens, stealing our entire nation from us, and committing genocide against us — it is an act of war in an undeclared war, Fraud, High Treason, a hate crime, and genocide).  Nothing valid can ever arise from fraud.

All of the states, and counties, and cities, have become mini-federalish bureaucracies.  The Federal "government" has no constitutional authority to tax, and the passing of an illegal amendment to the Constitution does not give it authority.  Furthermore, the states, counties, and cities have no constitutional authority to tax, expand their powers, regulate and control all they do.  An unconstitutional act is unconstitutional regardless of what level of government it is on.  Furthermore, government itself is a fictional entity.  It does not exist.  The government cannot exist without people — the true people.  When it ceases to function as founded, of, for, and by the true people (not imported aliens, put on a tax-payer funded breeding program, imported en masse, to out-breed and out-vote the true people) it is no longer valid government but a foreign and subversive criminal entity.

It matters not what the majority think is fair or right.  The U.S. was NOT founded as a democracy, and any politician, jurist, educator, or journalist who refers to the U.S. as a democracy or "democratic principles" is either an utter ignoramus or part of the conspiracy.  Democracy is OUTLAWED by the U.S. Constitution.  The law is not what the majority think but what the Constitution says (interpreted according to the Common Law, the intent of the Founders, the Law of God, for the true people); the law is the true people and their God-given, inalienable rights WHICH CANNOT BE ABROGATED...!  We are not a democracy (though fools and traitors call us one; though in reality we are a socialist state that follows the 10 Planks of the Communist Manifesto and those who hold the reins of governments on all levels function as dictators).  We are a Christian, Constitutional Republic.

It matters not what "amendment" is passed — it is NOT LAWFUL (even if voted upon by the constitutional percentage of Congress and signed by the president) IF IT VIOLATES THE CONSTITUTION ITSELF.  The 16th Amendment did not legally allow Congress to create an income tax.  The illegal 16th Amendment gave corrupt or duped politicians an excuse to pretend or function as if they had created a lawful amendment.  Reality does not change just because fools and traitors are in the majority.  IT IS UTTERLY IRRELEVANT WHAT THE STATES ratified if what they voted to ratify was UNCONSTITUTIONAL.  It is utterly irrelevant what the word "income" meant at the time the 16th was passed — they can change the meaning even as they can change the % of tax owed on what % of your income, and WHO is thought required to be subject to that tax... and they can continue to raise that tax and add new taxes year after year after year -- while at the same time decreasing the value of the currency, which is a hidden reverse-tax, by the government counterfeiting trillions of dollars each year: raising the taxes while at the same time stealing the value of your currency, which is actually an exponential tax.  Imagine your taxes being raised from $1 to $2 but the $1 bill in your pocket is actually only worth .10 cents.  THIS TOO IS FRAUD AND UNCONSTITUTIONAL.

Also, it is utterly irrelevant what the Miriam Webster dictionary (or any other dictionary) says a word means.

The corrupt U.S. gov't thinks it is an autonomous god that defines the meaning of words.  They go by their own definitions because they think they are gods.  The power to tax is the power to destroy.  They can "officially" change the "meaning" of any word.  They can vote and decide to define "income" as "everything that you own or may potentially own".  They can vote and declare the word "citizen" to mean "subject".  That does not make it reality, law, or true.  When you step into their jurisdiction you have to play by their rules and definitions, and if you recognize them as valid authority, just like in a Las Vegas casino, everything is stacked in favor of the house and you lose even if you win.  To then assume that they have valid authority (especially in light of generations of fraud stacked one upon the other like crushed cars in a junkyard) or that the unconstitutional laws and even amendments that they pass are actually valid, is to shoot in the head the horse you are sitting upon before the starting pistol even sounds and before the race gates even open.  You scuttle your own boat by recognizing them as official referees and by recognizing their official rule book as valid, as if they own the field, the franchise, and the game itself.  They don't own me.  They can't force me to play by their rules.  They can't force me to recognize their illegitimacy as legitimate.  Most judges with a god-complex, think, "this is MY courtroom".  NO it is NOT.  It is the courtroom of the people and a judge is a PUBLIC SERVANT, and he is NOT the Law.  The Constitution (interpreted by the Common Law / Christianity / intentions of the Founders at the time they framed the Constitution) is the Law that defends the rights of the true people, and if a judge violates that Law, he steps out of his authority and office and is an enemy of the state.

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