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As I have said before, in a previous Rumination (DNA: DO NOT ASSIMILATE): as I have said for decades... DNA testing (for race) cannot be trusted.

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The below was spurred by a friend who’s DNA site (one to which he subscribed for testing) recently “updated” his profile to say that he is between 0 and 1% Jewish! —all based on self-reporting of others in the data base and assumed demographics of the geographical region, not based upon actual DNA of his.  They also removed the part of his previous profile in which they said that he was around 15% Scandinavian, now saying he is 0%.

I told him not to worry about it... focus on the 0% not the 1%... if they updated his profile to say he is now female and not male, would he believe that?

They lie on purpose, when they are not merely in ignorance.  It is part of the plan of genocide against Christendom by assimilation.  God commanded His people to remain separate.  God does not change.  Morality does not change.  If these corrupt “experts” tell a Caucasian that he is part nonwhite, who is lonely and can’t find a mate of his / her own people as God commanded, he / she may then concede, “Oh well, I am a mongrel anyway, what difference does it make?  I will just find the first semi-decent person regardless of race and jump into the Babylonian-Melting Pot / Third-World Stew.”

Such people who would do so never believed the truth, were never committed to God, if they will change what they believe and how they live based upon ANYTHING.  Truth is truth whether it turns out to benefit you as you thought or not.  $50,000 is $50,000 whether it turns out to be a surplus or a debt.  If you were all eager to believe you had a surplus in your bank account of $50,000, when you found out that you had a $50,000 debt instead, would you stop believing in mathematics?  How hypocritical of people who think they have the right to inherit the wealth of their ancestors but not their debt!

There is no liberty / blessing without responsibility.  The only thing that God will bless is a person being TRUE... whether it is easy or difficult.  Those who believe that God changes and morality changes and the lie that Jesus broke down every barrier are fools who don’t know the Word of God or God Himself (and they are even greater fools, who have seen me write this 100 times, and yet who care so little about obeying and pleasing God that they will never order a book that will prove my assertions true in the bedrock of Scripture and irrefragable logic that cannot be denied).  They don’t know Christ (the Truth) and He is not in them (I John 2:4).  Jesus said “not one jot or tittle shall pass from the Law”... yet they believe the entire Law was abolished!  They are not His sheep.  His sheep know His Voice and OBEY.  God / Jesus do not change.  Morality does not change.  God’s Will / Plan does not change.  Those who think such things change are not Christians but humanists.  They are friends of the world (and therefore the enemies of God) and don’t even know it (and don’t even care if that accusation is true!)... espousing the world’s philosophy (without even realizing it or even caring) by a twisted understanding of Scripture that makes God conform to modern man’s notions of “equality” and of what’s “fair”.

My friend did a little research and found out... surprise, surprise... (which I already knew without even looking into it):

Jews own and / or run all the major DNA companies:

- Anne Wojciki - 23 and Me [Wojciki’s mother is Esther Wojciki (née Hochman) an educator of Jewish descent.]

- David Kestnbaum - Ancestry.com [Kestnbaum took over not long ago as The Blackstone Group bought Ancestry.

- Alexei Fedorov - CRI genetics [Harvard trained Alexei Federov I am still looking into; but he has an avid and unusual interest in Jewish ancestry.  CRI has some articles on Jews, which you would have a good laugh at.]

- Gilad Japhet- My Heritage [Japhet is Israeli.  He has a youtube on his company.)

- Bennett Greenspan - Family Tree DNA


I told him...


Science is wrong much of the time... in medicine, physics, etc.

DNA is even more prone to error...

Yes, they can isolate DNA markers... but that does not mean they actually understand what they have isolated (though in their arrogance they think that they do; or in their malicious deception, they know it is not true, but promote their wicked agenda as if it is true). Imagine how they can easily “misidentify” something (by honest mistake or by cunning deception, fudging the data to fit their paradigm). Imagine if they think that x DNA marker = Chinese and y DNA marker = bananas (understand, reportedly humans and bananas share 60% of DNA). Understand, a mass of Caucasians are buried in Xinjang province in Urumchi, geography within the territory of China. Imagine if “scientists” imperiously decree (like communist anti-presidents do with unconstitutional executive orders) that those Caucasians mummies are Chinese.

[—even as the American Indians claimed that Kennewick Man was an Indian, simply because of their false assertion that Indians were in North America first, which they were not (which they even admitted, bragging they killed the previous inhabitants, till the Jews taught them about “political correctness” and the MONUMETAL “cash cow” that it would be if they claimed that they were “First Nation” and “victims of the white man”. The Indians won a court case by a corrupt court, refused to allow DNA testing of him hid the body, and then the US Army corps of engineers buried the spot where he was found with millions of tons of soil “to prevent erosion”. That is, they buried the site to prevent any other archaeological evidence ever being found, that they could not contain, that would prove that their claim of being “First Nation” is a lie.]

Now, what if those mummies (Caucasians) of Urumchi had eaten a bunch of bananas before they died and were buried...? If the scientists took DNA from them and it had banana DNA, and they operated based upon the false notion that these mummies of Urumchi were Chinese (which all know they were not)... then if you share DNA with them, they will claim you are part Chinese and part banana!

The truth is, like in many things, the complete opposite of the “establishment’s” “official version”. All Chinese who may have intermarried with Europeans, whether with these peoples who settled in Urumchi or with other Europeans (often white slaves they captured)—and the Mongols and Huns in their swarm across Europe, and Khazars in a more specific region around Hungary and Southern Russia, as well as all Muslim peoples (Turks, Moroccans, etc.) all of these corrupt Asiatic peoples absorbed European DNA by mass assimilation of the European peoples they captured as slaves and bred with, to improve their own features and cranal capacity. The only thing they were superior in were numbers, and also in warfare, but only for the reason that they were not fettered by the inconvenient encumberment of a moral conscience. This nonwhite slavery and genocide was 1,000x larger in numbers and 26x longer in duration than the miniscule number and time period of American Slavery, which African America Ghost Story is being used to destroy the U.S. Hypocritically, as in all things that the communists and anarchists do, the monumentally greater involvement of nonwhite peoples in slavery of blacks (and whites) dwarfs the numbers in the American period of slavery to the point of it being unworthy of discussion. But on top of ignoring the millennia and hundreds of millions sacrifices to the involvement of nonwhites in the worldwide slave trade, outright myths are invented (African American Ghost Stories) against white people to further demonize them in the esteem of the highly emotional, sub-IQ masses. Whites on the whole (those very, very small percentage who actual ever owned any) treated their slaves far better than blacks today treat their own people; and 1,000x better than blacks, Asiatics, or Muslims ever treated their slaves. All of that, of course, is air-brushed out of history, logic, and public debate.

Thus, a huge percentage of these Asiatics and Jews (Khazars, descendents Hittites / Edomites, and other Cannanite and other peoples forever cursed by God, who eventually replaced the Biblical Israelites and Syrians / Aramaeans and Medo-Persians) and Muslim peoples (Moroccans, and other north Africans,* whom the Turks and other corrupt peoples, intermarrying with the Nubians, replaced the populations of those nations, and those of the ancient Ishmaelites / arabs as well; the Turks also replacing the ancient Greeks, Italians, and the Moors / Moroccans replacing the ancient Visigothic Kingdoms of Spain, Portugal, and much of France).

[* such as Egyptians, who anciently were Caucasian, but losing their Caucasian Hebrew slaves and Egypt being in ruins, they imported Nubian slaves and then bred themselvs out of existence with them, which was the means by which God declared that Egypt would never again be anything but a base nation; and then the Egyptians absorbed Turkish / Hittite and other blood.]

All of these Asiatic peoples will have Caucasian DNA. It does not mean that we are related; it does not mean that we got our DNA by evolving from them! If the scientists misidentify a DNA marker of a “Chinaman” or “Mongol”, thinking it is an Asiatic DNA marker, because so many Asiatics have it, they then will conclude that Caucasians who have that DNA marker are part Asiatic—when in reality it is the exact opposite.

Furthermore, these “scientists” would never properly identify that which disproves their entire religion of Evolution, or their destructive propaganda of all races being the same... because any scientist who did that would RUIN HIS OWN CAREER... so they must only publish information that serves as tailored evidence for their false scenario.

They are like a 5-year old putting together a jigsaw puzzle pounding the pieces into place where they don’t belong—and then demanding everyone, like those in the story of The Emperor’s Magnificent suit of Invisible Clothes, to ooh and aaah and worship the falsehood.

No one can know if he is pure... I can’t, no one can. However, I ask God for the overflow of blessing if I am not... and I will never turn from the truth. There is nothing that I can do about who my hundreds of millions of ancestors were, any more than I can do anything about any of them being in Hell... We cannot torment ourselves about what we cannot know or control; but we are to walk by faith in obedience.

Again, as I have shown each person, going backward will have 33.55 million ancestors after only 24 generations and it is 165 back to Noah (though somewhere, halfway back, the ancestry will produce a mirror image for Caucasians going back to only 2 people: Noah and his wife). After a few generations, many of those ancestors will be your ancestor many times over, especially if families did not move around that much (for example, 15 of your 32 great-great-great grandparents may have descended from the same great grandfather, etc., so someone can be your 5x great grandfather 15 times, and also your 4x great grandfather 8 times, etc.). So, although you will have 33.55 ancestors after 24 generations, maybe there will only be half that number who are actually different individuals, that is, individuals who were your ancestor only one time.

THERE IS NO WAY that we can know... and even if we could know, there is nothing that we can do about it. This is the Law of the Harvest and the Law of Sin and Death in operation. Sin bears consequences. Long-term, even permanent consequences. Man’s humanistic mind-fart about “fairness” is utterly irrelevant. It is God’s universe and He has ordered it as He saw fit for His Purpose. None of us descended from Adam “chose” to be born with a sin nature, cursed by God, destined for Hell unless converted to and through Christ. That ego-centric, small-minded, corrupt man (who thinks his foolish ideas overrule the Creator and Owner and Governor of the universe) thinks it is “unfair” is utterly meaningless (except to those who live in that delusional fairy tale land within their own psychosis). If a pregnant woman is infected with AIDS or a near-lethal dose of radiation, or if she is a crack whore or end-stage alcoholic, that fetus that she carries will be born infected with AIDS, contaminated with radiation, or addicted to drugs / alcohol and with compromised immune system and damaged organs. That it is not “fair” has ZERO bearing on reality. Sin bears consequences to all generations. That is why we are to obey what God commanded. The carnage piles up when we don’t—but that pile of carnage does not “out-vote God” or force Him to “change” or compromise or lower His Standards to please sinful man. He is Perfect, Holy, and IMMUTABLE. It is MAN who must humble himself and beg for mercy and conform to the very few Commands that God gave us; and those who do not shall suffer for it.

[As I have long explained, Morality never changes and Morality was forever established each and every time God commanded, “Thou shalt not” and “This shalt thou do”.  God gave only about 613 laws, many of which humans do out of common sense (such as burying your own feces if you have to deposit it by a tree while camping out—even cats bury it!).  God’s Law fits in the palm of your hand and can be read in an hour or so. However, there are now over 300,000 Federal Laws alone (most of which are unconstitutional and invalid, but any of which can land you in jail), which fill 35 volumes — large 8.5x11 hardback volumes, of double columns with six-point to seven-point sized print,* and occupy over 17 feet of shelf space...!  Yet DELUDED “Christians” think that God’s Law is simply “too much”.  Truly God said, “I have set before you Life and Death—choose life that thou and thy seed may live”.  But the majority of “Christians” (and nonchristian Caucasians alike) choose death.  They are like abused children or those suffering Stockholm Syndrome who are loyal to the abusive parent / captor instead of the loving parent / deliverer.

* Actually, this is all 8-point here, since this web program only offers 8-point as the smallest size. So just imagine it smaller.]

All we can do is walk by faith... and of course, those who are in a position to marry must choose well, seeking God’s guidance based upon facts and obedience, not upon lusts and Antichrist doctrine that spuriously teaches that God changed and that He abolished His Law. Though we must walk by faith, we are not to violate what we know (for true faith is based upon the facts of God’s Word, not mysticism, emotionalism, or humanistic ideas). Though no one can know that he is pure, clearly those who are impure can know they are not, if their impurity is blatant or if there is clear evidence (ancestors, etc.). Again, reality is not determined by what people think is “fair”. For the health of the whole community of God’s people, God commanded the complete separation of aliens and bastard offspring, even as He commanded complete quarnatining of those with leprosy or any other deadly communicable disease. but sinful, antichrist society forces the majority to suffer with the minority until the minority is the majority and the majority is the minority... until the corrupt, diseased minority has infected the majority; and the majority are reduced to the miniscule remnant that God promised to preserve—and that is why the corrupt majority is so HATEFUL of the pure minority.

Satan must utterly destroy the pure remnant of His people that He promised to preserve, before Christ returns to judge him. If Satan can utterly destroy through extermination or mongrelization, the full remnant, God will have failed in one single area, which means He is not the Perfect, Omnipotent, Immutable God that He claims to be; and maybe then God can fail in other areas; and Satan will renew hope that maybe he can eventually beat God altogether. However, Satan is running out of time as the end of this age is winding down; and that is why the entire Third World (the Dragon vomiting forth a flood) has INVADED CHRISTENDOM to consume us. See other of my Ruminations that deal with this prophecy of Revelation and also the prophecy of Daniel of Nebuchadnezzar’s great dream image / statue whose feet and toes were of iron mingled with clay (which represents integration, the nation having started out strong, descended from the iron legs, but then was weakened with clay; which represents our current age of multiculturalism which has destroyed us).

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—Going Ape Over Political, Academic, Journalistic, and Ecumenical “Monkeybusiness”: A Swiss Tale — My Tribute and Warning to and Prayer for Christendom (UPDATED)

Those who have paid good money for DNA testing, may tune in regularly to the “updates” that the DNA website sends them notices concerning; and like watching the stock market... they addict you... cause you elation, then drop the bottom out like a carnival ride ... and so Satan has you incapacitated... how clever

So, concerning this friend of mine who said that the DNA website updated his profile to say that he is now 0 - 1% Jewish... again just like the Asiatic DNA markers that may actually be Caucasian DNA markers that the Chinese absorbed 1,000 years ago, the DNA “update” that says he is part Jewish is most certain (if it is not outright fabrication, or if it is not merely geographic and has nothing to do with DNA) that these Jews whom this DNA company claims are “related” are related because most all Jews have white DNA—not because they are white (which they are not, they are Asiatic with Nubian and other corrupt blood) but because over the past many centuries Jews, as Mongols and Huns and Muslims absorbed white blood through intermarriage. This is the only way that Jews modernly are mindlessly claimed to be white (and hispanics are spuriously being referred to as “white”, for the same reasons—to deceive and destroy, and only because of assimilation). Yes, this is a self-fulfilling prophecy that “race is just a social construct” (which defies all of science and is a communist defacto decree, not reality)—and race will merely be a social construct once the white race is mongrelized out of existence (which is their goal). But even then, that will not change; for the dark Ruandans massacred arounda million of their own people, in 1995, solely because they had lighter skin. So much for the myth of the “noble savage”. Thus, the “Jewish” DNA markers are probably actually Caucasian DNA markers, that are mislabeled, to claim Jews are white (which they are not) and to fool Caucasians into thinking that they are mongrels. But how far back would they have to go to find the DNA of the swarthy gargoyle Jews that first invaded Europe, before they find the true Jewish DNA without any Caucasian blood...? A rose by any other name still smells as sweet... but that does not mean that if you call skunk cabbage a rose that that makes it a rose.

I have long said that DNA testing is unrealiable (in determining notions of racial composition, not, of course, in determing if you are related to someone else or if a mystery child is someone’s biological child or not). A lot is dependent upon personal reporting (which is often incorrect, as I show in my other Ruminations) and false assumptions of what those DNA markers actually mean. ANY scientists will tell you that “self-reporting” is the LEAST TRUSTWORTHY of any data gathering or testing method. Like anthropologists / paleontologists, the DNA “scientists” invent a fabulous fancy fairy tale (like Stephen Hawkings phoney science, so thinly veiled in anti-intellectual foolishness, all but the least educated person should be able to see through the outright fraud; but the majority who are brainwashed lap up the antifreeze because they are told it is lemonade*).

[* See my evisceration of Hawkings atheism thinly veiled as “science”:

—Stephen Hawking — Cosmic Tragedy [UPDATED — Hawking Fake Science...] ]

Their DNA update of your alleged “Jewish” ancestry (like Mark Twain when he responded to the shock of reading his own obituary in the paper: “The news of my passing has been greatly exaggerated”) is only upsetting if you believe in fairy tales.


These are the same scientists that believe:

- that everything blew up out of nothing;

- that life magically appeared out of nonlife;

- that humans evolved from goo from the ocean.

- that simple life evolved into that which is complex (which violates all known science and the foundational Law of Entropy, which declares the very opposite).

Remember that their mindset / paradigm / “faith” colors what they believe; many believing in evolution only because they refuse to believe that God exists (for admitting that He exists would infer that they would need also to submit to what He commanded and obey Him; realizing that He is Creator and Lord and owns them).

Their prejudice skews the evidence so that they see what they want to see.

Truth and reality is sacrificed to “political correctness”.

Those who present truth in opposition to political correctness have their careers ruined.

It is quite common for those receiving grants to “doctor” the results, to please their handlers, or keep the grant money coming in.


My friend forwarded another link to me in which someone else says a similar thing as I have, about the malicious motive and fraudulent information in DNA testing for race.  That link and my comments are below it.


His answer is semi-valid.

It is actually a non-sequitur and also a “bait and switch” answer (whether he intended to be deceitful, which I doubt, or whether he is simply not astute and cannot think logically).

The question was NOT, “Am I of another race?” or “Does this mean that my race has changed entirely?”

The question was “Does this mean that I have part Jewish Ancestry?”

She says her daughter is 1% Ashkenaz  —but, more likely she means (most people don’t know how to think or communicate coherently) that her daughter’s DNA test showed / claims that she has 1% Ashkenaz Jew DNA and that her own DNA test claimed her (the mother) to have .4% Ashkenazi Jew DNA.

The guy’s answer while correct concerning the disinformation and malicious agenda of the billionaire elite attempting to destroy us, is wrong concerning race.  God established race in absolute terms.  God always commanded His people to divorce any alien wives and send them and all children by them away.  Those who think that God made “exceptions” understand neither God nor His Word.*  Each instance of what people think are “exceptions” are not; but are demonstrations of their own ignorance.  The problem is their misunderstanding the facts; and forgetting that God does not change; and their lack of faith (lack of understanding of God’s Word, which is an extension of His Mind, His Will, His Nature). 

[* See my books, which are highly annotated reprints of other books on race:

- Kind Unto Kind: Race Mixing from God’s Viewpoint (c.1977) Researched by Mrs. Idris W. Howard, 140pp., published by the Thunderbolt, Marietta, GA.  It Goes through the Bible from Gen. to Rev. quoting passages with her comments in between and sometimes Introductory; also included is a bonus rare title, The Role of the Mixed Multitude (1976) by Mrs. E.G. Lake (Edna G. Gainer) 25pp.; with Notes Corrective and Complementary by RAB, pb., 6x9, total 524 pages. 27.50 + P&H.

Races in Chaos (1959) by W. G. Finlay (South Africa) 74pp., with Notes Corrective and Complementary by RAB, total of 214pp, 6x9 pb., 16.50 + P&H.

See also my two, multi-volume series Sacred Truth Expository Commentary and Apologetic Expositions, which clearly disprove these many so-called “exceptions” and which show that the so-called “Gentiles” and “strangers” that received Christ were not aliens, but God’s very people whom He promised to regather.

The phrase “God’s people” does not refer to the Jews / Israelis: who are Edomite-Canaanite imposters who eventually replaced the historical / Biblical Israelites (true Israel being the Anglo-Saxon and kindred peoples of Christendom).  The Jews stole the identity of Biblical Israel to enable them to get away with their myriad crimes and subversions, and to cause God’s true people to reject the very notion of the reality of their own heritage.  The deception and mental confusion causes the Anglo-Saxon and kindred people to respond to the suggestion in disgust, “I’m no Jew!”, which is a false notion.  The reality is that the Jews are not and never were Biblical Israel or Judah and they never were Hebrews or Semites either.  The Jews are Edomite-Canaanites who infiltrated the Land of Israel in 126 B.C. and then adopted Israelite customs and laws (when it suited them) and began their work of intermarriage and eventually replaced the true Israelites entirely, stealing their land and identity.  The majority of Biblical Israel had migrated into Europe half a millennia earlier appearing as Angles, Saxons [sons of Isaac / sakasuna], Danes [tribe of Dan], Jutes [tribe of Judah], Goths [tribe of Gad, pronounced gawd]).  See my book, Uncovering the Mysteries of Your Hidden Inheritance and my booklet, God’s Chosen People: Who Is? Who Isn’t? and Why.  The Jews are Edomite Canaanites (who absorbed the blood of all nations, including other cursed peoples with whom God forbade His people to have any association); the Canaanites were the offspring of Canaan.  Canaan was born of incest (Ham, while drunk, defiling his own mother).  Canaan was then cursed, and went and married a woman descended from Cain himself.  For evidence of this, and for information on Cain’s origin see my books, What Was the Mark that God Placed on Cain...?, and Who Was the Serpent in the Garden...?]

His answer, like that of most humanists shows that he believes in a “relative” purity, which is subjective to man and each individual, in that each person decides for himself what he considers to be relevant in terms of percentages of corruption that is acceptable.**  This notion of “personal experience” dictating reality is what has destroyed the understanding of truth in so many areas, not only in true Biblical Theology (95% of which is actually now humanism), but it has destroyed our nation by corrupt, perverse, evil subverters of our government claiming that our Founders—those WHO WROTE the Constitution, believed and practiced things that were “unconstitutional”—as if they themselves did not understand the Constitution!  It is like some modern “art expert” claiming that Rembrandt did not know what should go into a Rembrandt painting!  Truth does not change.  Those who think it does and those who attempt to change it are perverts and subverters, liars or mentally deranged.

[** However, that mindset itself is a hop, skip, and a jump from the lunacy and mental derangement of today in that “some” people are allowed to have their fantasy / psychosis be established as reality, and the rest of society forced to accept the fraud.  Of course, this is a one-way street (a white man could never claim that he believes he is a black woman and then get a so-called minority job or a scholarship from the United Negro College Fund; although hispanics can call themselves white and a boy who claims to think he is a girl can wrestle on a high school or college girls’ wrestling team (Olympics here I come).]


I’ve never had a DNA test done.  I saw through the fraud decades ago when it became popular and it seems little more than a “chromosomal crystal ball”.  Few sciences are “exact sciences” and many are open to fraud and corruption, deceit and lies.

Here are a few quotes [my comments in brackets] from


“You inherit half of your DNA from each parent. The halves you receive are random combinations of their DNA, which in turn is made up of random combinations of their ancestors’ DNA.  Because inheritance is random, one great-grandparent may have passed on 12% of their DNA to you, while another great-grandparent may have passed on only 4%.  .... If your fourth great-grandparent is 100% Korean and none of your other ancestors are Korean at all, your DNA results might come back anywhere from 0–50% Korean, depending on which genes you inherited from your part-Korean parent. .... Somewhere between 0 and 2% would be typical.”

[Between ZERO and 50% for someone who was your ancestor merely 6 generations ago...!  Each person has 64 great-great-great-great grandparents.  However, some of those 64 may be the same person(s) more than once, depending upon how many children each mother and father had and how much they spread out or even moved far away.  RAB]

“Ethnicity estimation is a challenge that scientists around the world are still working on.  We provide the best estimate possible given our current data and knowledge, but we’re also working hard to improve the precision of your ethnicity estimate.”

“Each time we tweak our data, it’s possible that your ethnicity estimate will evolve along with our understanding of DNA science.”

[ESTIMATION is the key word.  It is a fancy word for GUESS about things that they don’t really understand—especially if they have a false paradigm (or more than one false paradigm) concerning how they think that the world or DNA works.  Remember, Galilean physics gave way to Newtonian, Newtonian to so-called Einsteinian, and so-called Einsteinian is on its last legs about to be replaced by who knows what.  Scientific laws indeed exist; however, the truth is, scientists have not actually discovered many of them.  Law does not change.  Therefore, most of what scientists today think that they understand are “approximations” of law; like that little rubber donut / spare tire in your trunk that is not made to actually travel, but merely hobble home or to the nearest garage: it works; but only in a limited fashion, and it is understood that it will not last forever.  Such is not law.  Evolution is not law.  It is not science.  It is theory.  It is bad theory.  It actually violates the Evolitionists’ god of the Scientific Method in that it is unproveable; indemonstrable, immeasurable, irreplecatable.  Evolution is a pseudo-scientific fairy tale for adults who hate God.  Such believe in anything other than the Bible, anything other than the one, true God, for if they admitted that the Biblical God exists, they would then have to admit that they are duty-bound to obey Him since He OWNS them as Creator.  Even scientists and philosophers who reject Evolution as a ludicrous psychosis, invent equally as absurd notions of their own. 

Francis H. C. Crick (1916-2004) English molecular biologist, biophysicist, and neuroscientist, winner of the Nobel Prize for Biology, co-discoverer of DNA, wrote a masterful book disproving evolution: Life Itself: Its Origin and Nature (out of print; good, used copies in stock, inquire).  Sadly, even though realizing the foolishness of the unscholarly theory of evolution, Dr. Crick did not believe in Creation.  He proposed a theory as equally silly as Evolution which he called Panspermia (that life on earth came from life on other planets—which mindless theory merely delays intellectual payment and thus, is theoretical fantasy busy work).

Dr. Antony Garrard Newton Flew (1923-2010) himself abandoned evolution after decades of having believed it and explains his reasons in favor of “Intelligent Design” in his book, There Is a God: How the World’s Most Notorious Atheist Changed His Mind (new copies in stock, inquire).

See also, The Intellectuals Speak Out About God, Varghese (out of print; good, used copies in stock, inquire).

See the superb DVD documentary, Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed by Ben Stein (out of print; good, used copies in stock, inquire) in which he exposes the “scientific community" of blacklisting / discriminating against any who don't believe in their unproveable fairy tale of evolution or worship their god “Big Bango”.  RAB]

“DNA is passed down randomly.”

[DNA may “seem” to be passed down randomly, to the person with poor vision or understanding who cannot see the pattern...!  But, DNA is not passed down randomly, that is, maybe you will get some and maybe you will get none from any given ancestor.  Certainly you will receive NONE from someone who was never in your “ancestor upline”—DNA does not “evolve” or “jump” from someone else’s family (or “species”) into yours (that “magic” produces an illegitimate child and it is called the result of an “adulterous affair”).  If you receive no DNA from an ancestor, that person was not an ancestor.  The reality is that some DNA may be expressed and some may be latent; some may be dominant and some may be recessive—but like all the computer code behind the computer screen that you are reading—it is all there even if you cannot see it.  What fools!  They are little better than the pre-telescope “astronomers” a millennia ago who thought that they had “counted all the stars that exist”.

Other “experts” and “scientists” say that if all the empty space between electrons (matter / energy) were removed, all the matter in the universe would be about the size of a sugar cube; or that every breath that you inhale contains an atom exhaled by Marilyn Monroe (or anyone else from ages past).  Whether it is all true or not, it is a fascinating read, easily understandable; see: The Quantum Zoo: A Tourist’s Guide To the Never-Ending Universe, Chown, 216pp., (out of print, I have a dozen or two good used Hb. and pb. in stock; inquire).  However, ones paradigm (and / or integrity / honesty) will color, cloud, or skew what he thinks he sees or what he wants to see; even as there can be other factors that throw off an experiment or a reading, that a person may not be aware of; such as altitude changing the boiling point of water; temperature changing the dew point; barometric pressure, magnetism, chemical solution contamination, trace transfer, etc.  RAB]

“If you go back far enough in [a person’s family].. there is a chance that [the person]... inherited no DNA from a certain ancestor.”

[If there is a chance that you received ZERO DNA from an ancestor... GUESS WHAT...? —that person was not an ancestor!  This is not science but science fiction.  The reality is, they speak as experts about something that they do not actually understand.  BLIND TOUR GUIDES OF THE UNIVERSE... writing fanciful fiction like anthropologists and paleontologists and other evolutionists.  It is NOT that you received ZERO DNA from that ancestor—but that the “experts” don’t know how to detect, recognize, read, understand, or interpret it.  All that we know is that DNA is MORE COMPLEX than we can ever understand—and that when fools make definitive, universal statements about things that they know that they cannot possibly know, they, in fact, are liars.  If they don’t realize that they cannot possibly know such things, they are fools.  Their “art” and “science” is a crime.  They gamble with the lives and souls of all who worship them as “experts”.  DNA reports should be trusted little more than a gypsie fortune teller (which you should not frequent either, as God forbids it and even declares both fortune teller and tellee to be put to death; and if you think that is “cruel” then you hate God; because if you hate what God decreed, His Law, His Morality then you hate God and you think that you are your own god, and that you are superior to and “holier” than Him).  If you started a bungee-cord jumping business, or put out a shingle as an architect and did not really understand the science / physics involved—once people start dying because of your incompetence and ignorance and depraved indifference, you are then guilty of manslaughter, at the very least.  “But I did not know” does not cover wrongful death (especially from those profiting from others trust in them as “experts”).  This applies also to doctors and drug / vaccine companies, and politicians who immorally pass laws to protect them.  RAB]



My friend also emailed this link, which is short but has some merit that helps expose the fraud: 

[except his mindless comment about “American” being synonymous with “mutt”—while that is what it has come to mean, that is not what it once meant.  That is what it has come to mean with the majority being multiracial due to traitorous politicians inviting tens of millions of illegals into our nation (and ignoring the other tens of millions who entered without invitation) and due to the traitorous, antichrist politicians who have had the now-godless former institutions of learning (that are now merely indoctrination / propaganda / brainwashing centers) teach utter falsehoods about the “Universal Brotherhood of Man” heresies, and the “wonders of diversity”, and the evolutionary lie that we are all the same and all came from the same source, and the perverse promiscuity that they have taught that has created this mongrel nation; but that is not what American originally meant when various pure European nations intermarried, because they are of the same family; unrelated to other “races”.  Sadly, similarly, the same applies to the true and historic name of Swede, German, Dane, Swiss, Scot, etc.—these are not merely geo-political appellations, they are titles of specific descent from the pure Anglo-Saxon, Celtic, and kindred peoples who founded Europe, the British Isles, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, and the United States.  H2O2 that is mixed with sewer water is no longer H2O2 —it is a contaminated / bastard solution.  RAB]


And, of course, understand the nonsense of one company that he [the person speaking in the above blog] quotes, that explained:

“Unfortunately, it’s impossible to provide a 100% correct evaluation of your ancestry without having DNA samples from every ancestor going back 200,000 years.”

[News flash dumb-ass... if I had DNA samples of all of my ancestors going back to Adam I WOULD NOT NEED YOU!  And if YOU had them I still would not trust you; like those megalomaniac narcissist “doctors” who had fertility clinics who were inseminating women with their own sperm, instead of the mythical donor sperm they thought that they had chosen.

Such a daft statement concerning “200,000 years” of human history indicates that the company is engaged in science fiction-fantasy, if they think that LIFE on earth is older than 6,000 years (which they cannot prove).  

Yes, and your DNA test now shows that you are .5% brontosaurus and 1% Tyrannosaurus Rex (but it may be possible that the DNA is misread, and that the only reason it seems like you are .5% brontosaurus is because your Tyrannosaurus Rex ancestor ate a brontosaurus as his last meal before he died).  How do you like that!  You DO have Royalty in your genealogy... T. Rex (Rex being the Latin word for “king”).  RAB]

 Furthermore, as I wrote in my book, Who Was the Serpent in the Garden...? and the Waters that Covered the Earth:

“In a very interesting report by Brian Thomas, M.S., “New Genomes Project Data Indicate a Young Human Race” it was revealed that in 2008 a very extensive project was undertaken, with international collaboration, to sequence with incredible detail over 1,000 representative human genomes from sample groups from around the world. In October of 2010 some of these results were published which support man’s existence on the planet to be exponentially smaller than the evolutionists have claimed—less than 300 generations, which is consistent with the Biblical account.

“[My own calculations are as follows: It has been 5,990 years from the creation of life on earth to 2015. 2025 should be the 6,000th year from Creation and also the 120th “Jubilee from creation”— though this “Jubilee” does not coincide with the Jubilee begun at Sinai; it is a different type of Jubilee. 

“Judah was 22 generation from Adam (though the 23rd generation of Adamkind; being born 2256 years from the creation of Adam) Zarah and Pharez were born about when Judah was 42. By the time of King David (born 2922 from Adam) man’s life span seems to have stabilized (David died at age 70, ripe in years); David ruled over all Israel when he was 30 and soon had several children. 

“Thus 2962 years elapsed from the time of creation of Adam to the time that David [the 33rd generation of Adamkind] was 40 years old; which comprised 33 generations and an average age of 90 at which men had their firstborn, or at least the son who constituted the chosen line. 5,990 - 2962 = 3028 (the time left from when David was 40 to the end of this age, using 40 as a conservative average age at which men have had their firstborn born to them from Moses’ day to now = 76 generations. Even if you change the age at which men sire their firstborn to age 20, that only doubles it to 151 generations + 33 from Moses to David’s son = 184 generations maximum from Adam to the present.]

“This study examined the DNA base sequences of 2 families, including the mother, father, and child of each. Science published the results which concluded that each generation of offspring inherit about 60 new mutations from the parent generation of each. Though the purpose of the study—the “1000 Genomes Project”— was to try to learn which DNA anomolies cause disease, the study spat out the additional information about how long man has been on earth. This data was extrapolated using an extremely accurate population genetics modeling program called “Mendel’s Accountant” (developed by a team of scientists from Cornell University; which program is downloadable freely). This program calculates the cumulative effect of inherited mutations in terms of health and survivability (I believe the point being that once any branch of a family tree inherits too many genetic defects, which are cumulative—life-span is continually decreased to the point that the branch of the family tree dies out: it spontaneously aborts or does not even reproduce before it dies). The program reveals that even if starting with a population of 2,000 individuals, even if each mother has 6 children, factoring in the rate of 60 new genetic mutations per generation, humankind would become extinct after only 350 generations (this also factors in natural selection of the least fit having already died out and not passed on their more-highly defective DNA). Thus, man has not been on earth anywhere near as long as evolutionists claim.” (pp.595,596)


Someone else emailed in confirmation:

“I have a daughter who pursues family history and she has talked us into three DNA tests over a five year period.  The results were not consistent.  Different labs gave widely different results and the same lab three years later also gave different results.  The data and its measurement are insufficient to provide repeatability therefore it is NOT science.  Science requires measurement and repeatability.  DNA testing is not there yet, not even close.”

[And it never will be close.  Yet that will not stop antichrists (“Christians” included) from “playing God”.  The DNA testing is about as reliable as COVID-19 or CARBON-14 testing.  It works only if you believe in it and jump into the psychotic delusion and pretend that it is reality.]