THIS IS THE EVIDENCE THAT SHOULD HAVE BEEN USED TO EXONERATE THE POLICE OFFICERS involved in "St. George" the Floyd's Suicide by Drugs and Anxiety while in custody UPDATED WITH NEW video link that does NOT require AGE VERIFICATION

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WATCH THE LINK OF THE VIDEO TITLED, "2 cops in over their heads..."  The video link should appear at the TOP of this article IF YOU OPEN THE article or view from the homepage..  Later in the article I have news links ABOUT the officers and the criminal and the incident... at the very bottom of this article I have 2 more VERY IMPORTANT SHORT VIDEO links of DIFFERENT, but related events.


Someone informed me that many people may not be watching the video because there is some pop-up window asking name and age.  That is news to me and has onthing to do how I set the file up, which video file is on my page and does not take you to an external link.  I know nothing about it.  It may be your server, my server, the web page template, or some element in the video itself that according to youtube policy flags certain content (such as people being shot) as requiring age verification due to disturbing / mature content.*  I had uploaded the video itself to my site in case it “disappeared” off the internet, and is not a link to any other site, but is uploaded here at my site; but I know nothing of any age verification flag.

[* This, of course, is silly, because anyone can make up a name and age.  It is hypocritical since they do not block rap “music” or movies with violent lyrics / content; and grade schools teach outright pornographic material, and fag queen story hour is child endangerment and leading to the deliquency of a minor, and encourages mental derangement and moral deviancy.  Regardless, the flagging of this video at my site is nothing that I have done, but must be due to Youtube's internal filters.]


Regardless, one other news site I went to said that the video was age restricted and viewable only at youtube. 


However, this news site below does NOT require any age verification:  This video is smaller in frame, it is darker and not as easy to see, and it cuts some off; in the beginning the 2 cops were having him walk a line to see if he was sober, and he could not, after time with that they walked him to the car and it finally dawned on him that they were going to cuff him, and that is when he began resisting, which is at which point the below link begins.  For the fuller and better quality video, you will need to watch the video that I have uploaded here and which does not take you to an external site, which video I have titled “2 cops in over their heads...”

For this video link (and all others) below, be sure to turn the sound ON, if it is off:


Spread this link ( far and wide; those brave police officers deserve a re-trial, an apology, and their reputations and careers back.

WATCH THE ABOVE amazing short VIDEO.  Email the link to this webpage to everyone you know... had it been spread far and wide it would have come to the knowledge of the defense and they would have shown it in court.  There are innocent cops in jail now because people are too lazy to even email important information around to everyone they know.  You reap what you sow.  Don’t expect anyone to come to your rescue and spread information around to help you if you don’t care about others.  God will make sure you are forgotten.

The one big cop died in the helicopter, but they were able to get his heart going and get blood into him.


THE MAIN POINT IS, if that HUGE cop (what is he...? 6 foot 9? 300 lbs...?) could not subdue that much smaller and clearly drunk or high black, even after tazing him for several minutes... even after having pounded his face several dozen times to try to make him drop the gun he stole from the other cop

—then the cop sentenced for merely kneeling on the back of St. George's neck—as they had been taught to do, as police procedure, and in which position a person cannot be strangled or killed, 

then he and those other cops were completely lawful in their actions—actually, very gentle and civilized, merely restraining him, not using him as a trampoline or punching bag, and their prison sentences should be overturned, because this video shows what COULD have happened and WHY they were trained to use such restraint when a criminal suspect in custody is resisting arrest and acting erratic.

THAT is the point.  A perfect picture illustration that the judge and jury and all of the world should have been show.

Also, the criminal is claimed to have been "of" Chestnut Hill, one of the wealthiest communities in Philadelphia.  HOW he was "of"  that town, would be interesting to see... but itself is proof that socio-economic status and changing merely the environment or even "educating" is NOT the problem and money is not the answer.

These were Pennsylvania State Troopers, both lived (it seems only the big cop was shot, and slid himself over the highway guard rail, leaving it bloody, to seek shelter on the bank of the hill; the smaller cop must have instinctively moved or by God's grace tripped and fell backward; and the first shot that looked like a sure thing must have missed him; and the black shooter was convicted of 2 counts attempted murder

This took place on August 9, 2018.

on Route 33 about 20 miles north of Bethlehem, Penna.

Today the black would probably have been elected Governor of Penna. for his crime—and had statues erected in his honor and park benches named after him.

Without that dash cam... it would have been just one more magical claim of white racist cops.

The 1 big cop died, heart stopped for 5 min.-10 when the chopper landed at the hospital, but they got it going again.  he needed 60 units of blood!  By comparison, someone undergoing a “massive” transfusion typically receives six to 10 units of blood

Kelly was the huge cop, though he died (for some number of minutes in the medivac helicopter), he probably saved his own life by taking off his belt and using it as a tourniquet on his own leg; had he not done that, he would have bled out sooner; from which he probably would not have been able to be brought back. immediately after the shootout.

He was put into an induced coma for 12 days and has no memory of the shootout.  The other cop was traumatized by the event.

The black criminal is 22 years old, was shot several times and drove himself to a hospital... how rude he didn't ask the officers if they needed a lift; though shot up himself, the black criminal drove himself to the hospital and then lied and said that the cops started it and he only acted in self defense. 

Notice also the conscientiousness of the big cop, even when pounding the guy in the face to make him drop the gun or stop trying to steal it from the cops, he was not using a knuckle punch, but the soft bottom, fleshy part of his fist.
NOTE ALSO: THIS IS NOT to say that there are not cops who are dirty cops / thugs.  The only point is that the cops involved in holding "St. George's" hand while he committed suicide, were not dirty cops / thugs—at least, not during this "media event".

Dramatic Dashcam Video Shows Near-Fatal Shooting of ... › news › local › dashcam-vi...

Aug 9, 2018 - Dashcam Video Released From Roadside Shootout That Left Pa. ... 2017 incident, troopers tasered the man after they say he tried to grab their gun. ... When video from the dash camera of a state police vehicle was shown at ... Clary was found guilty of two counts of attempted murder for shooting Cpl. Seth ..



New Video of a different but similar incident, in Charleston, South Carolina


Also, watch this short video of a white couple on a subway accosted by some hateful ranting black.


Though there is no physical assault, this was a terroristic threat, a hate crime, child abuse, and aggravated assault, even though only verbal.


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"Black people can't be racist," they say. Listen to the vile insults this man screams at a white couple and their small child. | Not the Bee


This probably happens many times a day all over the US and the news does not report it...


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