Clarification: The Biblical Perspective on Natural Disasters, Suffering, and so-called Humanitarianism

Unless one espouses the Arminianist-humanist model, that God is a helpless spectator in His own universe; or the Deist-humanist model that God is an unconcerned absentee-landlord, then one must accept the Reformed-Calvinist model that God is the Omnipotent, Immutable, Perfect God as revealed in the Scriptures, Who is in complete control of His universe and has ordained all, and leaves nothing up to chance or evolution or man having ideas that God never had and charting his own destiny, breaking...

Of Hurricanes and Handouts and the "Hood" - and what the Bible says concerning Katrina or Harvey or Irma: Immorality in the Name of “Morality” and Christian “Humanitarianism”

There is some good info here in the below news link, though it misses the pulse and ignores the real issues.

He who has ears to hear... reaching the elect... the purpose of the Gospel

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I Love what I read last nite in one of your books ("Salvation Results From God Bestowing Free Grace Upon His Elect not from the Erroneous Notion of  Man Having "Free Will" To Choose To Be Saved — The Charles H. Spurgeon Election, Predestination, and Calvinism Collection") when u showed the partial error of one of Spurgeon's views on the gospel.

—False Prophets Preach that so-called Racism is a Sin, but God Commanded “Come Out From Among Them and Be Ye Separate!” — The Proper Exegesis of “God made all men of one blood....” (Acts 17:26)

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Hello, Robert, I just heard this broadcast over the radio.

—The Solar Eclipse - Signs in the Heavens - Earthquake? - Christ’s Crucifiction and Return? The Protestant Reformation, Bolshevik Revolution, Millennial Kingdom... Some Thoughts to Consider!

SEE: The Seven Salems of the Eclipse – Coincidence? No!


Some tough gristle to chew on... if you don't want to know the truth, don't read any further

A people who are a tiny minority, represent 95% of the owners of the media, finance, medicine, education, the law profession, and even infiltrated once-Christian universities, churches, and seminaries, book publishing companies.  This is no coincidence; it is taught in the Talmud and the Protocols.  They call the protocols a "forgery" (which I give the history of de-bunk the forgery claim in my Fearless and Godly Pioneers for the truth), but the protocols were first exposed in the late 1800s.  They have been fulfilled 100...

White Sugar = poison

While NO sugar, even healthy sugars, should be over-consumed (even the Bible says too much honey is not good; man shall not live by bread alone... and the same goes for honey... God gave us a wide assortment of permissible food because we need a varied diet to get all the nutrients, starch, fiber, protein, good fats, etc., that the body needs), white sugar is poison... all the nutrients have been removed and it is bleached (Chlorine is one of the most deadly elements) and it is rendered acidic...

He that hath ears to hear... let him hear - True Doctrine, Crystal clear to them with ears to hear.

The PDF herein is the Appendix to my upcoming Sacred Truth Expository Commentary: Ecclesiastes, 550pp., 30.00 + P&H.

I pray all will read it in its entirety.  It contains volumes of information packed into these few 26 pages.

This is the true doctrine of the Word of God for the sheep who have gone astray....

—Can you spell, “W-H-I-T-E - G-E-N-O-C-I-D-E” ...? What is Gog and Magog...? What about Zionism and Islam...? and the Third World Invasion of Christendom...? Does Anyone Care...?

See first:

[The story at this link is merely one in a long-line of reports and examples of perfectly “legal”—even the...

—The Bible and Tattoos—What is the Real Issue?

Someone emailed me and asked:

Pastor Balaicius, your thoughts on tattoos, please. The subject is only mentioned once in the Bible, that I am aware of.  My son, while he was in the army got several.  Now it seems he has a desire for more.  I’ve discussed with him what the Bible says, but he isn’t accepting that as applicable to our times.  So, any thoughts you can throw my way I...

—Does Hillary Have the Human Form of Mad Cow Disease or Is She Just a Mad Cow...? “True Beef or not True Beef...?” — That Is the Question

Here are two links to some odd information.  I certainly don’t know if it is true or not, I am not a bovine veterinarian.

Hillary has KURU Disease from Child Cannibalism

—“Red Elephants” CRASH “White Privilege” Seminar

Someone emailed this link and said, “Great job Red Elephants”—but it was not a great job.  It was embarrassing and juvenile and ignorant.  I admire they had the courage to do what they did; but as the Bible says, “It is not good to have zeal without knowledge” (Proverbs 19:2—the one rare verse that the NIV actually does a good job on).  This has some bad language, but it is still very interesting how the Jews are exposed in the 30 minute video of this meeting....

Help Stop Totalitarian Persecution... sign this petition for an Amish farmer

Help Stop Totalitarian Persecution... sign this petition for an Amish farmer


Everyone sign this... if you don't may your cries go unheard when you are persecuted.

He needs to be pardoned, but then the law has to be overturned and he needs to be exonerated, and the FDA needs to be punished, and the judges removed from the bench.  The courts are to rule...