— Annoying Eye Twitching / Spams in Eyeball or Eyelid UPDATED

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I suffered, for some reason, for maybe 7 years with an extremely annoying condition, in which either my eyeballs or eyelids of both eyes twitched or spasmed continually, day and night.  It was the perfect accompaniment to tinnitus to help drive you crazy. 

About 2 years ago I learned about Magtein / Magnesium L-Threonate.  It was reportedly the most absorbable form of Magnesium, and a non-...

—Islam and Terrorism, The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly—or “Halal Good Cop — Halal Bad Cop” Routine...?

Gandhi and Mandela were both actual terrorists guilty of mass murders—which terrorism they never recanted.*  However, they found that the “soft revolution” was easier to achieve (and less risky), like a Trojan Horse from within the nation they were attempting to subvert.  Thus, while they did carry out a few acts of terrorism, just for a diversion and to have someone else to blame it on, they began the work of subverting the minds of the youth, subverting the politicians...

—Immigration = Castration

Most people decry the problem until they realize what the solution entails.  Most, when they receive news about the health of their kidneys or heart or liver claim that they don’t want to die and seem eager to live—until they receive the list of “do’s” and “don’t’s” concerning diet, drink, and exercise.  The majority alive in Christendom today are the product of what I refer to as “The Age of Irresponsibility”.  When presented with the responsibility, most people (Christians included) will...

—Peter Hammond Responds to Joel McDurmon


In the on-going saga of modernist, liberal Pharisees in sheep's clothing, a true spiritual leader and minister, Doctor Peter Hammond of South Africa, has chimed in, as a response to the irresponsible, ignorant mud-slinging of a self-appointed "re-definer" of traditional Christianity: Mr. Friend-of-the-world, Joel McDurmon, the newest falling star in apostate Christianity.

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—The "Gentiles" and "those in bondage" in Isaiah 49:6-9

Many “Christians”, demonstrating themselves to be very-poor scholars and even-worse thinkers, build an entire theology from a singular passage; and one taken out of context—and in denial of and in contradiction to the rest of Scripture.  They try to conform Scripture to what they want to believe, as if putting on an oversized garment and then trimming off the “waste” (which in the case of the Scriptures, they consider to be about 80% of the Word of God)....

—Pastor John Weaver responds to Joel McDurmon

[Public Service Announcement]

Joel McDurmon,

American Vision,

Your article was sent to me by numerous people.  Interestingly, you did not send it to me.  Thankfully, those who sent it knew me and knew of my ministry.  I certainly learned some things from your article.  First, if you had not pointed out that I was a “racist,” I would never have thought that concerning myself.  I thought that I was just a Christian that believed the Bible.  I certainly have...

—Heretical Lighthouse: The Blind Leading the Blind or the Mythical Sirens Guiding Ships to be Dashed on the Rocks? — An Attack on Calvinism and a Response (revised)

Someone had emailed me an email that he received.  Some Christian information source announced its plans to print a book; below that announcement are a plethora of comments both pro and con by those who were or had been supporters of that ministry.  I will save most of my comments until the end... [but I will place some of my comments in brackets at certain places, and indicate so with “R.A.B.”]


Kentucky Governor Bevin - Guns are Not the Problem - Corrupt Politicians, Media, “Educators”, “Entertainment” Purveyors, Drugs, PEOPLE are PROBLEM — Signs Bill Allowing Kentucky Schools to Teach Bible — Buger Shame & Other Signs of End of Civilization

Of Lawsuits and Barbarians

Someone commented concerning an email from the other day “Blue Buffalo’s Dog Food 2 Class Action Law Suits” (in which an “all-natural” dog food, an expensive and “top of the line” brand, was found to have lead in it and caused the deaths and illness and suffering in numerous dogs, and there was a class-action lawsuit and high-dollar settlement):
“Dr. Carol is in my neck of the woods; 1.5 mi from me.  I wonder whether the settlement amount is a bit excessive?”
My reply (to this and another

[UPDATED] Evangelical Leaders Pimping for Dreamers! & Dogs and Swine at the Master's Table & The Violent Invasion of Christendom & Politicians and Corrupt Government Behind Mass Shootings and Everyday Crime

4 separate articles.

First, a timely message from Dr. Don Boys, then my comments and some links.

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Presidential Limo Driving Training Course... not for the faint of heart

(I don't know if this is real or computer generated.  I saw at another site this vehicle weighs 10 tons and can only go 60 mph, so I don't know if a vehicle that heavy could squeal the tires from a standstill or if this vehicle is capable of driving as fast as it shows on this video.  I have not seen anything that refutes or confirms this.)...