Brief Info on Infant Formula "CRISIS" and Monkey Pox

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[Like the old expression, "He is so stupid he couldn't find his butt with both hands in a phone booth"... I realize that babies do not come with an instruction manual, but even animal mothers who give birth know where the milk comes from.  HINT: It is NOT the pet store.  Of course, I realize that due to some health problems "SOME" women may not be able to breastfeed...

Supreme Court and Congressional Criminal Dishonesty — We Don’t Need Politicians, Lawyers, or even Biologists — We Need Scatologists to Cut the Crap...! — Questions that the Supreme Court Nominee should have been asked

Supreme Court “nominee”:

I am not a biologist, I don’t know the difference between a man or a woman.

Honest, intelligent Congressman (of which there are none...

2 Shocking Things

Below is a link to a so-called U.S. “National”* Debt clock site, which also shows many other items, presumably in real time.

[* It is not a debt because nothing real was loaned.  It is not a valid debt because U.S. public servants had no right to borrow the nonexistent loan, due to their criminal misspending of taxpayer money; and it is...

Who Doesn’t Like Vanilla...? Unfortunately Not All Vanilla is Vanilla. You Will Be Shocked and Revolted... Other things “called” vanilla still taste as sweet, but you wouldn’t even want to use to clean your feet...!

An unknown quantity of what is immorally and deceptively sold as “vanilla flavoring” in food is not vanilla... grab on to your seat... it is BEAVER ANUS!

Yes, an unknown amount of what is sold in ice cream, yogurt, pudding, cakes, cookies, brownies, coffee, frosting (cakes, donuts, poptarts, etc.; and most-all baked goods, package mixes, fresh, frozen, refrigerated, etc. have...

Without a Vision the People—and Christendom—Will Perish from off the Face of the Earth Forever

See the link below for a good 2.5 minute video presentation of a small meeting held in the room where the U.S. Constitution was drafted, in Independence Hall, in Philadelphia, and then see my detailed commentary and auxiliary information contained herein.

Consent of the Governed?  Who is the Governed?