Psychiatry - Psychology - Health (and even “Christianity”) —Charlatanry, Quackery, Totalitarianism, or Sincerity? How Can We Know Which is Which?

Someone emailed me

with the comment: "I never thought I would ever say that there was a good psychologist. If you were in the middle of a train bridge and a train was coming at you...

What Are the Most-Important Health Nutrients? Can You Really Prevent or Reverse Disease? AND THE CORONA Covid HYSTERIA - UPDATE

[Update at the end]

Two of the most-important youtubes that I believe that you could watch / listen to, are these (and they are highly recommended: listen to them twice and take notes):


These 3 inexpensive supplements are possibly the most-important vitamins and minerals


Chick-Fil-A — Bird-brained Back-boneless Fillet of Soul and Plucking of Christendom (Updated PDF and text) & Hallmark caves in to homo-militancy and betrays its customer base to troll for perverts too (updated)

A soul is a terrible thing to waste... you only get one and it lasts FOREVER.

[See attached 1-page PDF.]

It is appointed unto men once to die, and after that, the...

Kellogg’s PORN Flakes? — modern Cereal Killers?

It is one thing to sell your soul to make a sale—especially to a tiny percentage of the population whose business would not affect your profit margin in the slightest.  It is another matter entirely to champion perversity and go trolling for new victims.  It is bad enough that foods are laced with disease-causing GMOs, denuded white sugar, artificial colors, flavors, texturizers, preservatives, aluminum, anti-freeze (propylene glycol), HFCS, MSG (and its evil step-sisters disodium inosinate and disodium guanylate)—often...

Points to Ponder: The Time Machine with Throttle Stuck Full-Speed Fast Forward into JUDGMENT

Succinct.  Profound.  Salient. (are the "Points to Ponder" that someone emailed me; listed below after my intro)

As I've written before, Christendom reminds me of the movie Time Machine, in which the futurist society of blonde, blue-eyed people (as they were depicted in the original 1960 movie, based upon the 1895 novel by H.G. Wells) lived in utopia, while ignoring the...

Minority Report

In response to a comment that someone else made in reference to the email of Boeing’s disaster being due to “outsourcing” engineering software jobs to INDIA!, someone else sent a list of some of the wonderous achievements of Third-world peoples.  

Click through the slideshow at...

Impotent Emotion-Oriented “Christianity” IS STERILE and Just as bad as the APOSTATE Church — James Dobson Wake Up!

Christ said, “So then because thou art lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot, I will spue thee out of My Mouth” (Revelation 3:16), meaning, “you shall have NO PART IN ME”.  Morality never changes.  Jesus never included everyone.  He had no intentions of doing so.  The Apostate / Antichrist church is the one with that communist, world-pleasing, nation and faith destroying philosophy.


Curious Minds Want to Know... My Sarcasm and Reflection in Response to Yet-another Email Attempt at Humor

[Understand, I do not actually intend malice in my comments; but humor, including sarcasm, is often an effective medium for teaching, as well as catharsis.]

- Why do peanuts float in a regular coke and sink in a diet coke?  Go ahead and try it.

No thanks, both drinks are poison, white sugar and all artificial


Betsy Ross, Colon Poopernick & Pseudo-Gender / Anti-Racial / Anti-Christian Psychosis Totalitarianism — STAND UP and DECLARE YOUR INDEPENDENCE FROM SOCIALIST, ANTI-CHRIST TOTALITARIANISM...!

Nike pulls Betsy Ross flag shoes after Kaepernick complaint, report says

God Send a Pestilence of Bubonic Proportion - it is incubating - God is allowing all to "FILL UP" the FULL Measure of His Wrath — & the Al Qalifornia Earthquakes & Is LA the next Atlantis: the ULTIMATE and VIRTUAL "underWater Theme" Park?

God Send a Pestilence of Bubonic Proportion  as I have been praying for MANY years - it is incubating - God is allowing all to "FILL UP" the FULL Measure of His Wrath

The below, short video [at my link below] suggests that even...

Something's Rotten in Denmark (and everywhere else in Christendom) Highest Standard of Living = "HIGHEST TAXATION"

(See below graphic to undestand my comments.)

This is all being done so that the aliens can replace us... and our faith... to destroy the seed of and faith in God from off the earth.

STOP DRINKING THE COPENHAGEN KOOL-ADE...! (stop drinking ALL kool-ade, it's poison)....

God’s Sovereignty - Man’s Accountability: A Sparrow Cannot Fall to the Ground Without Your Father

God’s Sovereignty is replete throughout Scripture, for those with eyes to see, and who are not humanists who interpret Scripture to conform to man’s own self-flattering delusional fantasy.

“29Are not two sparrows sold for a farthing? and one of them shall not fall on the ground without your Father.  30But the very hairs of your head are all numbered.” (...

Illegal REFUSE-ee Crisis, Insanity, Treason & Illegal Psy-WOP

[My introductory comments followed by various stories and links which aroused my comments.]

If criminals were to break into your house at night, would you serve them milk and cookies, give them a bed, tell them to stay as long as they like, that you will pay all their expenses, make themselves at home and tell them to take what they like?  Would you express your concern and hope that...