“Anchor babies AWAY...!” —away from US...! & Southern Baptist Judases Who Steal from Christ's Moneybag

1. Anti-president / Imposter-in-chief Obama said we are not a Christian nation—and clearly, a "Constitutional expert" and "genius" and "honest" and "upright", "moral" person like himself knows better than our Founders... right...? so if we are not, WHY should we do the (alleged) "Christian thing"...?

Brainwashing... —it's what's for dinner... (connect the dots)... and YOU are on the menu next...!

The Plan and implementation thereof began far longer ago that the average, even well-informed person can even imagine... and the below is not the "beginning" either; it is merely a century to half-century-old "modern" manifestation of it.

The Melting Pot was a play written by Israel Zangwill, first performed in 1908... Zangwill coined the phrase "...

Sometimes it’s a Sin to Pray

- “God, should I obey my parents and clean up my room?”

- “God, should I obey my husband or do what I want to do?  Should I do what I'm told but make him pay for it with a bitter, cold, resentful attitude? or should I actually submit my stubborn Jezebel spirit as You commanded and respect and obey even as I would You, since He is Your chosen authority over me...?”


The Sin of Deception and the Sin that it Breeds

The color of the below painting "Monkeys Feasting" by the combined efforts of Dutch painters, father and son Jan Brueghel "the elder" and "the younger" is amazing... it would be truly magnificent, were it not for (in real life) the stench, feces, vileness—reality... it is a picture of the modern "Christian" Church... different in form, but little different in nature to the eastern temples to the monkey or rats... how the majority of "Christians" live their lives, operate their "churches" in...

—The Sound of Freedom, Truth & Justice has a Familiar Ring wherever it is Rung — in South Africa, the U.S., and all of Christendom...!

Below is information on 3 semi-historical novels of South Africa, each completely different.

These hardy, rustic Boers (pronounced boo-ers, meaning "farmers"; the German name Bower being related to the Dutch Boer) were not unlike the American Amish and Mennonites, and hard-working, godly Southerners, according to the Puritan Work Ethic, who just wanted to be left alone, to grow their...

5G and Gender Apocalypse...? and recall / impeach Virginia Governor Traitor

Greenies and Queebies get together for the perfect storm...?

Burger King’s new meatless, (soy) plant-based “Impossible Burger” has 18 million times the amount of the female hormone-like, estrogen-like substance than a real (beef) Whopper has.  The health “experts” did not think that it was a problem or worth worrying about.  See my Rumination:...

Modern College “Education” — the REAL “process”

Rarely do people go to college any more to learn—they go to receive a degree; that is, an official piece of paper declaring them to be an “expert” (in fluid “truth” that is continually changing based upon “public opinion” that is INJECTED into the imported “majority”, they being too dull minded to think of it on their own)... it is an indoctrination process.  The colleges since the 1920s were subverted by the communists.  The majority of all college graduates who cannot think for themselves...

Man of Sorrows and Acquainted with Grief: "Smitten Sonnet"

[Illustration: Descent from the Cross by French painter and engraver Paul Gustave Louis Christophe Dore (1832-1883).]

I've written a dozen or so new poems in the last week... they and other newer poems will eventually be printed in a second paperback volume of such works; until then, the first volume of my poetic works is available:

Bittersweet Impressions & Inspirations, original...

Psychiatry - Psychology - Health (and even “Christianity”) —Charlatanry, Quackery, Totalitarianism, or Sincerity? How Can We Know Which is Which?

Someone emailed me


with the comment: "I never thought I would ever say that there was a good psychologist. If you were in the middle of a train bridge and a train was coming at you...

What Are the Most-Important Health Nutrients? Can You Really Prevent or Reverse Disease? AND THE CORONA HYSTERIA - UPDATE

[Update at the end]

Two of the most-important youtubes that I believe that you could watch / listen to, are these (and they are highly recommended: listen to them twice and take notes):


These 3 inexpensive supplements are possibly the most-important vitamins and minerals


Chick-Fil-A — Bird-brained Back-boneless Fillet of Soul and Plucking of Christendom (Updated PDF and text) & Hallmark caves in to homo-militancy and betrays its customer base to troll for perverts too (updated)

A soul is a terrible thing to waste... you only get one and it lasts FOREVER.

[See attached 1-page PDF.]

It is appointed unto men once to die, and after that, the...

Kellogg’s PORN Flakes? — modern Cereal Killers?

It is one thing to sell your soul to make a sale—especially to a tiny percentage of the population whose business would not affect your profit margin in the slightest.  It is another matter entirely to champion perversity and go trolling for new victims.  It is bad enough that foods are laced with disease-causing GMOs, denuded white sugar, artificial colors, flavors, texturizers, preservatives, aluminum, anti-freeze (propylene glycol), HFCS, MSG (and its evil step-sisters disodium inosinate and disodium guanylate)—often...